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2005-08-27, 8:29 p.m.

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Heather is officially moving out today. Probably won't get everything out today, but the big furniture and the cats are gone. I was dreading that.


Penny has been sleeping in my room most nights and wanting to hang out with me all week. I think she knew she wouldn't be seeing me any more soon. My poor baby. (Okay, not "mine," I know.) I swear, she's the only one of late I've been wanting to say "I love you" to. Okay, maybe I am too frozen to only mean it when I'm saying it to Mom or a cat. But still. I will miss her. She's my favorite cat of all time. (Even the black cat down the street has lost her love for me. I don't know what to make of that.)

Of course, everyone will be happier, shacking up in a love nest in a spanky duplex with brand new everything and the cats get their own room. More people moving on to a Brand New Life.

Or maybe I'm just jealous of people happier than me.

Anyway... yeah, there will be some benefits to me from this. The kitchen is mostly-ish done, the closet is done, and the bathroom is all clean and sparkly. And Heather's mom is going to come in on Monday with some sort of carpet cleaner to work on the nasty pooped-in carpets, YAY. And the apartment got a nice airing-out from all the various smoke/flood/cat crap smells that have been locked in here. And I can actually leave my bedroom door open from now on.

But's gonna be weird.

Meanwhile, Mom and I have been moping our asses off for awhile. I think we both need vacation, not that she can take one. Our plans to do some recreational shopping today went awry, but we may try to do something on Labor Day weekend. Who knows. But we're both pretty cranky. The PITA aunt and uncle are making her cry (they're giving her a "What time did you get to him? When did you leave?" third degree every night and making her feel like shit for not quitting her job to stay at the hospital all the time), she feels lonely, and the hospital's not going so well.

I'm just tired of everything. And so is she.

Well, at least I got to go swimming today. First time I've been home during daylight hours without someone needing me for awhile, it seems.

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