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When You Love Someone, You Put On Pants For Them

2020-08-27, 8:16 p.m.

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Well, the air quality improved today to "it's just barely yellow," per someone I know. It was in the yellow on Air Now at noon. Heck, the yarn store even reopened today.

I finished proofing all the addresses in the morning (four hours of that), spent three hours on The Emails From Hell but still had like 21 I can't answer, and then the final hour on something else tedious and long that will take weeks and can't be automated. New Girl has been put on these as well. I had .... wait, like, no Zoom meetings for work today? No wonder I got stuff done.

I had four people who put down both a post office box and a street address, which according to Google was NOT the street address of any kind of PO box company. Why the heck does anyone do this? Where do they think the PO is going to deliver it? I suspect Nowheresville because "both!" is not an option. Well, one of them was someone who used to work here, so I emailed her and she said that when she'd filled it out, her mom had a post office box but has since gotten rid of it. I forwarded the "thanks for asking!" email from one of them to boss and grandboss. Especially since it turns out the address was (c) not exactly EITHER of the addresses he had written down. Grandboss claims that "well, they wrote it down, so that's where they live," but bullshit. That's sane world thinking and we live in an insane world where people don't know where they live, leave out zip codes/cities/states, fuck up their apartment/condo/unit/post office box/trailer park listings constantly.... and then wonder why they don't get anything. Seriously, just saying "don't proofread at all, fuck it!" is ridiculous. Especially when the Important Documents get lost and we have to pay for replacing them, and it's a ton of upset and drama.

I do not look forward to discussing this with all and sundry and being overruled tomorrow. Ugh.

I wasn't utterly fried by the end of the work day and I did walk for 90 minutes indoors, so good for me.

In other news:

I give points to AncestryDNA for actually finding me a first cousin (?) on Dad's side of the family that I have never heard of. When I previously looked on the website I went through like 600 distant relatives and only one had my last name (dudes on Dad's side died young), so this is impressive. It looks like her mother was a sibling to my .... great grandfather? (At least I recognized a name?) I'm not sure how this comes out as first cousins, but also this is the same webpage that thinks my aunt is a cousin, so who knows.

The package hasn't updated in a few days ever since UPS passed it off to USPS. The webpage says that 'packages may appear to be stuck in the carrier's network and may take some time to show new activity."

Per my stint of Signing Up For Distracting Shit a few days ago, tonight I sat through a game show called "Wheel of Fate." Honestly, they were all really perky and it was a small enough crowd where yes, they want to see beautiful faces, and fuck that, I kept my camera and mic off. This was fine, I was just not in the mood. I was texting off and on with Shanna, who was making noises about possibly getting together tonight (not holding my breath given her work....of course not), and since I was just killing time...oh, whatever. Topics involved sandwiches, (actors named) Glover, and (blue footed) boobies. I did not feel like participating, but once I heard them yelling out my name to be a judge (for what? I didn't volunteer for anything!), I logged off. Most random question: "How did my dad die? Jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, throat cancer, or driving an ice cream truck that caught on fire?" Of course it was the middle one.

In fire news, I had an ex who had a house out in Rumsey. I don't know if he still has it or not, but I guess Rumsey is on fire now. UC Santa Cruz is sending everyone back to campus.

Also I got a police alert about "activity" on I Street and to shelter in place. NOT A PROBLEM. (I never heard anything more about it, so I guess no police were shot again, but it gave me deja vu of last January.)

Jackie sent me a gift list. I ordered four things--three geeky light things from Target and a giant chocolate frog. I got the last of the chocolate frogs. Hopefully that covers it for her. Supposedly they arrive around the second week of September, but who knows these days? (Which she said as much on other gifts she is waiting on.)

I never got around to finishing "Mean Girls" before going to bed last night, it got busted today. Oh well, I honestly don't care. On to watching "Be More Chill."

* I love that there is a song, "I Love Play Rehearsal.
* The love interest girl Christine is very random and it's fun.
* The drama teacher is a tie-dyed hippie who wants to throw zombies into Shakespeare. I REALLY wish I could see this. "Don't you care about Shakespeare?" "The man's dead. Let it go."
* There is a dumb jock, Jake, who was all "You were in the play last year! You were the girl who died! That was depressing." Oh, man of simple thoughts. Then it gets kinda sweet when he tries to talk about how thinking about the play distracted him from the anxiety of being perfect.
* Note the graffiti in the bathroom: Jake hearts Madeline (crossed out) Chloe (crossed out) Christine (not crossed out yet)
* The plot of this involves getting a SQUIP, some kind of Japanese technology pill that implants in your brain and tells you want to do. "That's not even possible--" "Shut up, dumbass!"
* Rich the bully says the SQUIP told him to bully Jeremy, but now it's changed its mind, I guess? Now it's trying to get him the hookup.
* The SQUIP is basically a hot geek like Keanu in his brain.
* "But I am a masterbater." "We'll fix that."
* "You want people to like you: hate what they hate." Good point.
* The SQUIP points out that Christine's not into him and there are plenty of other girls. That's far more sensible than I expected of the thing, not that this works.
* Eminem is dead in this show?!
* "When you love somebody, you put your pants on for them." Yes, there is a song about this. Very 2020, somehow.
* "Break a leg!" (guy with crutches goes by) "Not cool!"
* Jeremy pushes the pill onto Christine. "It's like play rehearsal, except it doesn't have to end." This is NOT a selling point for her, as it turns out. "That sounds HORRIBLE!"

Heard back from Anita--the gift card donations were quite large, apparently. She reported back that he was "shocked and grateful." Got up the nerve to try texting him again tonight--they got a new TV and cabinet, the owners of the house are coming by. Then I proceeded to tell him about Be More Chill, he seemed quite fascinated by the lack of pants ;) Heh heh heh. Very fascinated ;) Lots of pants jokes. Then I ended up telling him about the time Jess was visiting, went to a bar and yelled "PANTS!" drunkenly at the band a lot, and then we got came on to by 60-year-olds claiming to be Hollywood screenwriters, so she decided to hint that she was a dominatrix....

So yeah, hopefully I was distracting, eh? But seriously, that went really well. Even flirty, even, and god knows neither of us really do/are good at that, but there it was. I think that's the kind of conversation I'd like to have on a regular basis with him, really. Maybe someday. This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for, you guys. This gives me hope.

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