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Not A Callback

2019-08-28, 9:25 a.m.

I felt bad all day about the possible callback. Which is not the way one should be feeling about this, right? I won’t get into it in detail, but I had all kinds of emotional funk going on there and being all, “Well, if I get in, then I’ll do it, but I am kinda hoping I won’t get in so I feel better, which is fucked up.” My shrink’s response was “It’s nice to have choices.” I was all, that’s not helping. I talked to Robert and Jim about it (let me know what goes on, they both said) but did not wank on there so much.

In other news, I went to Kaiser today to get a shot and they decided to change all their policies and be a pain in the ass to the shot nurse and me, and then when I got back to work I found out that something else doesn’t work (still) and I had to go down a rabbit hole of wtf-ery with more broken shit. So yeah, other reasons to be a bit cranked today, at least in the morning.

Though I did hear that GOATS had to be rounded up in town today for some reason, so of course I sent that to Jim. Heh heh heh. There was also some random “someone thought there was a bomb downtown” threat, but I guess there was no bomb. Life is crazy.

After work, I drove over to the theater again and then waited around again for someone to show up, which nobody does until actual 7 p.m. I went in there and there were the two theater people, me, and two dudes. One guy was led in to read and the other guy was there to do the lighting. “What are you doing here?” the director asked. Uh, you sent an email saying there was going to be another reading tonight? “Oh, that wasn’t a callback. I was just looking to get more men in here.” Yeah, your email wasn’t too clear about that. Also, he didn’t remember who I was. You can stay if you want... No thanks!

So yeah, I don’t think I’m getting into that show!

I left feeling really relieved and cheerful, and then went home to make myself some lava cake and text Robert and Jim back. Jim wrote back and he is a delight and a comfort. Robert said who is that director because he doesn’t want to work with him, and I said I was debating if that guy or Laure was flakier.

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