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It's A Dangerous World

2020-08-28, 8:32 p.m.

Work: Had a team meeting this morning in which Lioness was essentially all "What is going on with the special stuff?" To which I was all, "I'm sorry, but I CANNOT HANDLE BEING THE POINT PERSON ON THIS RIGHT NOW DURING MY BUSY SEASON, I am fucking up left and right, I DON'T GOT THIS." I would like to note that Lioness actually got trained on this shit better/more correctly back in the day. New girl was all "So who is the point person on what here?" and boss was all, optimally, nobody is the single point person on anything in the future so someone can go on vacation without disaster. Which I agree with, but so far we haven't gotten to that point in training yet. So at this point it's me....

That said, the lady I have really been pissing off this week actually sent me a nice email saying she understood, she's been having issues these days herself. That was very sweet. I also got a really nice email from a buddy in another office yesterday, so that helped too.

I am now ALMOST done with the giant project of the season. I am happy to report that my dreaded meeting with boss and grandboss about it boiled down to "Here's a bunch of Excel hacks to improve the proofreading process." And even though I did find a few problems that frankly, REALLY DO NEED TO BE EYEBALLED (they were reacting poorly to the idea of me having to look at every single record, but for god's sake, sometimes you do!), at least I found those after the meeting was over. I did get told that they don't care if addresses are wrong, though. Sigh. Except now I have to wait on more stuff from others before I can get it out of here.

In other work news, my coworker with the service dog announced that her dog had some freak reaction to a standard medication and now has racked up $5k of vet bills and is still not in the clear and they can't afford to, well.... keep him alive any more otherwise, so she started a GoFundMe. I donated and then she and I had a conversation about how shitty 2020 is and how we can't even hug anybody or see our friends any more. I hope her dog recovers soon. He's a sweetie.

Yemi and I send out a mailing list about yarn-related stuff once a week. She writes some kind of commentary about the week and I send in funny links, and we might announce stuff that's going on in the yarn world. Usually I send her some links and then she writes her part and sends out the email, but this week she had a morning training thing on Friday and decided to bow out. Since I can't think of much else beyond the fire, I just wrote about that and how the family that owns the shop lost their house and I am acquainted with the family because I'm friends with one of them (didn't name names) and have been trying to figure out what to do. Someone did write me a nice email about it afterwards expressing sympathies.

I read this today and good god, this guy deserves to burn in hell. Faking your illness/death during a pandemic to ghost a girl? I HOPE KARMA GETS YOU.

I tried texting Scott a ridiculous pants story (blowing my wad for the third and last time this week) response, which is not like him. Sigh. Who knows what is going on there, but I'm done trying for the week. The wad is blown.

Watching Heathers tonight:

* The outfits on the popular girls in this movie and in Clueless look very similar. I never did get the "plaid skirt, blazer, long socks" fetish.
* There's a slo-mo punching/fight scene between JD (played by a very tall actor) and two shorter bully jock guys. It's so ridiculous, deliberately so. At one point one of the shorter guys is so far away from the guy's head that JD does a dramatic look and shrug about it.
* I don't really get the "Candy Store' song?
* "It isn't a party without Corn Nuts!"
* "I don't really like my friends" is kinda this show in a nutshell....ish.
* I did not expect a song about brain freeze from slushy, but here we are.
* "The parents are gone, and I've got my party slippers on!" Huh?
* "Showing up here took some guts, let's rip them out." Ouch.
* "People wouldn't hate you so much if you would just act normal." Story of my life. I am Martha Dumptruck.
* "I'm resigning my commission from the Lipstick Gestapo and going back to civilian life."
* Veronica comes on to JD. He's so tall that they have to get on their knees to even be able to reach heads. Damn.
* Like it's been a long time since I saw the movie, but this is not feeling super....what I remember of the movie?
* "I just killed my best friend!" "And worst enemy!" "Same difference!" Also kinda this show in a nutshell-ish.
* It's already amusing when you watch teenagers (I presume) having to play parents of other teenagers, but especially amusing when there is this height differential between JD and his dad. I know it happens IRL--I had an ex who was 6'7 and he certainly outshot his dad--but still, kinda amusing.
* "So you avoided date rape by inviting me here for date rape." WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
* Somehow I find Veronica and JD more romantic in this? Even though I shouldn't.
* "Whether or not to kill yourself is one of the most important decisions a teenager can make." And the third possible "kinda this show in a nutshell" moment.
* "It's a dangerous world." "Yeah, because you're IN IT."

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