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2006-08-29, 3:22 p.m.

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So, Jess pointed out today that I haven't updated anything in a while and I must be out having a life.

Hah, well, not SO much, but she's right, I haven't updated.

The latest developments since I last wrote are:

(a) I have, without telling her or asking for her permission, cut Mom down on the phone calls. I'm not turning my phone on most of the time at all. My apologies to anyone else who reads this and wants to call me, but having the phone off and claiming "Oops, I forgot to turn it on, AGAIN" still gets me into less trouble than the phone ringing for four times and then picking up voice mail and then she doesn't get an immediate call back within the amount of time I can claim to have been in the shower.

Oddly enough, she hasn't caught on much so far, and one day she didn't even bitch when I didn't call her. Alas, my not talking to her on Friday AND Saturday in a row this week kinda ticked her off, and she had her psuedo-boyfriend leave me a "Why you not call your mother?" message on my phone. Uh-huh. Oh well, at least he only leaves ONE message, and they're funny.

I have been in a much better mood since doing this, to the point where it's ridiculous. I know this can't last long (certainly not once October hits, at the outside), but it's fun while it lasts.

(b) Had another appointment with the school shrink (the followup to this one last Friday, and she actually HAD a shrink in mind for me. A friend of hers that is willing to do sliding scale (i.e. $70 a pop). I gave her permission to contact that shrink and as of this morning, I now have an appointment for Thursday- and at lunch, no less. Convenient, eh? Plus I didn't have to cold-call about sliding scale, something that freaked me out.

She was quite happy to hear about the phone thing and said, "Oh, so it's situational, not chronic." I was all "Duh, that's why I never wanted to go on meds in the first place!"

I also got a bit of a talking-to about how As An Adult, Whoever You Date Should Come First, Not Your Parents, Even If Your Father Is Dying. Yeah, yeah, I know... I don't know how well I will do at that should I have to deal with that problem in the fall, though. Maybe it'd be better in the aftermath, but I can't say at this point. TEH GUILT about putting someone you've known for a shorter period of time first, as opposed to family in crisis, is immense. I think she is rooting for me to end up with someone ASAP before The Big Death happens. She said that she met her life partner six months after a majorly bad death in her family, and that didn't drive the guy off. So maybe it wouldn't pulverize everything.

I will hopefully try to get back to y'all about how the shrink visit goes, but I don't know when I'll have the time for it. I'll be incredibly busy Thursday through Monday, most likely. We'll see how THAT goes.

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