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Good News Monday

2011-08-29, 2:26 p.m.


#1: I am going to visit Jess in Phoenix in the middle of next month. I am sucking up the TSA fear, I paid for nonrefundable tickets. Booyah! Acting like an adult for a change!

#2: I finished my NaNoWriMo novel last night, BOOYAH! I am actually proud of this one, which is, to be honest, something I can't normally say about my fiction novels. Now, it clearly needs a buttload of work, because it's short for nonfiction and I have overquoted like HELL to hit 50k (plus I just really super love quotes), but I think it might actually be readable someday! Huzzah!

#3: More changes at work. Remember how I was substituting for like 3 months in the other department? And then applied for the job and didn't get it? And then wasn't allowed to sub in there any more because I'd be too busy? Well, now the other person working in that department quit, and guess what, they need me back again even if I am having Busy Season at work right now. HUZZAH!

I don't know if I'll apply for that position or not. Everyone on the planet is yelling yes at me to do it, but between not really wanting to go through that process again, they know what they'd be getting from me already, and some more positive changes going on at work like new supervisor actually giving me more to do, I am inclined not to so much. and And in all honesty, if I do decide to move next year I'd rather not do a job hop for less than a year. I'm not feeling terribly concerned at the moment about getting the hell out before a layoff comes (helps when higher-ups quit!), so ... yeah, I am doing crazy shit like taking a vacation now.

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