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Dull Weekend

2008-08-31, 7:54 p.m.

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So, everyone else is gone (or moving) and having a fabulous fun-filled weekend of travel. Except me.

This was my choice. I am going to be out of town, surrounded by family (god help me) for every weekend of September until the last one, and I figured if I couldn't get a rest and time off in the middle of that, I'd better take some alone time now. Which I did.

It has been kind of great, actually. I have gotten enough sleep, for a change, and nobody's nagging me to get up. I did some cleaning. I finished my sixth project for the Summer of Speed Yarning, yay! I am attempting to knit up all of the stash I made in spinning class into one ugly-ass scarf, and after that I get to pick new projects to make! Yay! I'm even managing to avoid the siren's song of shopping.

On the other hand:
(a) it is moving weekend in this town, so it's kind of a racket. I am sad to hear my upstairs neighbors go, they're the first quiet ones I've had in years.
(b) I went outside to knit by the pool (it wasn't hot enough to stand the freezingness of the pool, so I didn't swim in it) and eventually a bunch of Greek-types came out to swim. I felt like a Loser(TM) around them, but didn't want to immediately get up and leave like they were chasing me out. I eventually gave in to my bladder/empty stomach/buttcheek-falling-asleep bod and got up, and then one of them gave me this evil stare like WEIRDO WHY ARE YOU ALONE AT A POOL?

Then I was trying to finish off reading The Late Bloomers Revolution, a book I figured I should get on title if nothing else. At first I was mostly bored reading it. Then there were some chapters that I totally related to/were a punch in the gut. Then it winds up with the author getting engaged and then it doesn't work out and she's 40 and single and never finding a babydaddy now...and, well, yeah, it's kinda "not so much late bloomer as never blooming, huh?" even though she attempts to end it on a vaguely positive note.

That didn't help.

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