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Lasagna Is A Cake

2018-08-31, 4:53 p.m.

So the work retreat went pretty well, actually. I didn't have to sit with my so-called team so everyone was happy there, I got to sit with nice people. The facilitator did a good job. It wasn't too heavy on the "silly game" type stuff, we did about one of those and it was pretty similar to improv. I noticed that as long as you didn't zone out (which people were clearly tempted to do), you could manage it. There was mostly various discussion about what your strengths were going on. And the catered food was good too.

I kind of wish I'd brought the notes with me, but I'm at Meg's at the moment writing and left them at Mom's. Oh well. Anyway, it went well, I got to chat with people I don't normally get to chat with, so yay there.

I also heard a delightful story about someone trying to get out of paying by saying she was cute and blonde and everyone liked her (and she submitted a photo as evidence), so she shouldn't have to! She was denied with great force.

This was followed by the CC end of season party, in which we argued about whether or not lasagna is a cake (Google for "chocolate lasagna," which is why I argued yes) and had a trivia game on cake in which my team lost by a fourth of a point. Uh-huh.

I should have recapped this sooner, but I'm on vacation now so oh well, you get what you get on that.

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