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Much Ado Over Very Little

2005-09-01, 11:11 a.m.

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Okay, false alarm.

The doctor they sent me to was a dick. Well, he wasn't quite as bad as Mr. Thinks Pneumonia Is A Laugh Riot- or at least, he didn't laugh at me for coming in with a mole- but then again, I think the only reason why he didn't is because he had no sense of humor. Or much personality at all.

Anyway, he was all, "That's probably nothing, but do you want it removed and biopsied?"

Not really, no, but given how my summer has gone, better safe than sorry, eh?

So he scraped it off (didn't hurt) and stuck it in a little canister...and then was all like, "Don't ever come in here again for this unless you get a REALLY UGLY mole." He made me feel like a stupid idiot.

But hey, it's y'alls website that SAYS if your mole has more than one color to it and gets a scab, COME IN NOW. Don't blame me for following instructions here.

Honestly, what is it with the GP's at this place? I love the OB-GYN department, and the GP's I've seen at the Bay Area one I've gone to were all lovely, but so far all of the GP's local to here are dicks.

Though on the good side, I am still pretty lightweight and have good blood pressure and all that shit. And Heather came by last night to clean and did a fabulous job (though the embedded kitty poop STILL WILL NOT COME OUT no matter what product she puts on it. Sigh. Maybe I should just shove some furniture over it and give up?), not to mention talking me down regarding the doctor by telling me all these various stories about people who'd had moles (and other suspicious growths) removed and were just fine.

And it's payday, so I can pay rent all by myself, at least.

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