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Welcome to September

2006-09-01, 12:58 a.m.

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Went to my first official shrink appointment today. Not sure what to make of her just yet. I think I was mostly too distracted with answering questions to really think about it. She's one of those "investigates your childhood" shrinks, so lord knows I had a lot of material there.

I will be going every other week.

In other news, the insurance company has decided, once again, to move Dad to some other hospital where they don't have to pay for him past 100 days. Which is bad enough considering it costs $200,000 a month to keep him alive and you know damn well Mom would bankrupt herself for life to string him along for one more day...but the hospital they want to move him into is in FRESNO. Hell, I bet Mom would quit her job just to be there every day if he was in Fresno- and they'd have even less cash.

Argh. Welcome to September.

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