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Improv 301 3.0 Week 8: This Chimichanga Is Off The Chain

2016-09-01, 4:20 p.m.

Previous week here. Administrative note: I'm trying to get all these entries up months late and frankly, I don't remember all the details from the sketchy notes, so I'm leaving most of this in here without uh, any explanation.

Audition update: they’ve decided to only cast 2 people instead to “fill in holes” and that they’re looking for “very specific,” diversity, fill in a few holes in the current new teams. He’s sad they can’t put more people in, that some of us (not me, presumably) are pretty close, but right now they are out of space and they’d have to have us rehearse on the roof. “We want you on teams as badly as you want to be on teams.” He wants to have 4 Harold and 2 Gordon teams by early next year. We’ll see. He wants to have auditions at the end of the year or sooner, presumably if they get space.
Also, he’s moving 301 classes to Wednesdays and adding the 401 classes (for already set teams wanting more work) on Thursdays.

You gotta pick a thing and go for it.
Character based in reality with an unusual focus with justification.
Be solid on what you want to play. Then hopefully it comes together.
Justification gives you focus on how to play the scene.
After you learn Harold, you can do anything.
Don’t think about everything you have ever learned in the moment, then you fail.
Do it wrong, don’t sweat everything.
Never give up on your pattern.

Partial Harold 1:
Monologue A: Drunk military boy story! “I think it was after my third cannonball when they said they wanted me out of the hot tub...” Also, he was utilizing that slit in boxer shorts on a street corner, and got arrested while he was in the middle of a blackout. He got applauded by his squad mates after that.
Monologue B: My wife won’t let me refer to her as my wife on stage, also she uses more toilet paper than I do.
Monologue C: Woman loves to spend money and orders all desserts and at least 3 dinners, wastes food and Starbucks.

Beat 1a: Just don’t tell anyone we’re together!...on our wedding day.
Beat 1b: Uber police driver.
Beat 1c: George is in the jungle--that scene didn’t go well, they tried like 7 scenarios to get it to work and none did, so they started over. The do over: “This chimichanga is off the chain!” This chimichanga just changed my life! Did you just jizz your pants?

Group 1: 30 year stripper reunion and we can still shake it!

Beat 2a: Just don’t tell anyone we’re together...and now we have a baby, 8 years later.
Beat 2b: I’m not exactly a pharmacist, I make meth.
Beat 2c: Taco Bell spokesman--girl changes her name to Taco Bell. Chihuahuas. “Never stop eating the Taco Bell,” Brian said, “I’m gonna put that on the wall....” (He has various improv tips posted on the wall.)

Group 2: The military will teach you how to drink. Half naked and drunk, let’s do some Army!

Critique notes:
If you get a laugh doing something, keep doing it.
Outdo your reaction.
Repetitive background sounds should fade in and out and not be going all the time.
Mutual scene: a scene that has no pattern. He wants to do free workshops on this.

Partial Harold 2:
Monologue A: using trash bags to pack when you move.
Monologue B: Enjoying snow the first day it snows, then it’s replaced with shit brown snow.
Monologue C: eating lunch while riding your bike is a bad idea.

Beat 1a: emo teen pouts at Christmas
Beat 1b: ADD guy packing. Needed to be simpler.
Beat 1c: “Hell, no, shit brown snow!” protest

(Brian interrupted a bit and there was some discussion of Corky saying not to copy others-- “Fuck Corky!” he busted out. Don’t stop a fun thing to bring in reality. Also, all walk-ons need to be good and leve.)

Group 1: Shit-sy the Snowman! One of Brian’s favorites ever.

Beat 2a: Pouting teen at Christmas continues.
Beat 2b: Dude doesn’t want to go to his dad’s funeral.
Beat 2c: Let the lava flow! protest

Group 2: Gods are annoyed at how humans are always complaining, which I initiated and he said was fun.

Critique notes:
Take your time on rolling it out.
Repeat dialogue if you can if you need to know information before a sketch continues.
He’s learned too much about this class. “Well, now I learned about (anonymous teenager)’s porn choice.”
We’re a fun group.

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