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In The Heights

2018-09-01, 4:58 p.m.

I went to the Scottish Games today and don't have much to report--I didn't spend that much money, we were there a bit shorter than usual, Mom bought beer shirts for her boyfriend and his friend, I got a "Self-Rescuing Princess" patch and very briefly saw other methods of entertainment.

Then we went to go see "In The Heights," which was the show I was looking forward to this season since I'd only seen it online. It's a fun small town (ish) show about a neighborhood in NYC. You can see the Lin-Manuel Miranda in this one, especially when Usnavi (the author avatar character) raps periodically. However, in this show the guy playing Usnavi was literally the tallest person in the show and compared to him, everyone else was pipsqueaks. This was a really amusing dynamic to add to the show because he'd be breaking up fights, or you'd be comparing him to his tiny little cousin. That said, he really did seem to be channeling LMM there.

For those of you who haven't seen the plot, the main aspects of it are that (a) someone wins the lottery--everyone's honorary abuela, who dies soon after, but she did collect the money first so she could hand some off to Usnavi and his little cousin. There's also (b) Vanessa, the girl Usnavi wants to ask out, who just wants to get to move the hell out of living with her mother already except she has to get someone to cosign the credit. And finally, we have (c) Nina, the smartest girl in the neighborhood, who ended up having to drop out of Stanford and is only now just telling her parents, and her dad decides to sell his business to fund her return. Nina gets involved with one of her dad's employees, Benny, but her dad isn't too thrilled about this. They're gonna date anyway.

It was all very cute and sweet and I liked it overall.

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