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Karaoke Party

2019-09-01, 9:29 a.m.

I left Mom’s house early for the weekend so she can reunite with Roger, hubba hubba. GTFO, girl! I offered when I got there to leave early, mind you, but she did show me an e-mail she wrote to his sister later about her love life (Roger’s sister got cheesed off with her boyfriend’s behavior and broke up with him, Mom may have talked her into getting back together with him/working things out) and she said how much she missed him when she didn’t get to see him for a few days. Awwwwww.

I had my own reasons for leaving early: to hit the yarn store and later, when I got invited to Pyrate Matthew’s karaoke house party! Robert sent me a text about it around 1-ish and I was delighted to finally get to go since the last one was when I was at Sierra.

I did not go seek out Scott (presumably in the quilt store?) while I was doing the yarn store thing. I never had decided whether or not I was going to or if it’d just be weird to seek him out and I didn’t know if he’d be in or not anyway. I finally got there about an hour before closing and ended up running into someone I know in there and talking until the store closed. I got two balls of rainbow yarn and one ball of black and silver yarn. I also had fun talking to the girl working in there.

I waited around in the park for an hour and then went to the karaoke party at six. Pyrate had some awesome lights in there that basically made me trip balls for like 20 minutes staring at them while setup was going on. Same kind of lights as Silent Disco, really. Later on someone in the house’s dog, Stitch, ran in and was obviously running around tripping on the lights like they were giant laser pointers. Very cute. Stitch is deaf but clearly enjoyed himself anyway. Scott enjoyed doing Stitch-voice, of course. One girl tried to selfie with Stitch, but dogs wiggle. Stitch tried to go up Doris’s skirt and she said, “I feel so loved and wanted and all wet.” I told her about getting Frenched by Mark’s dog.

Robert and Scott came in later, yay. I did some kind of weird tackle hug on my toes (wtf?) when I hugged Scott. He also liked my “Here Comes The General” General/Princess Leia shirt* I had on. I will note that he had on a shirt that said “always be yourself, unless you can be Batman.”** There was some conversation about Hamilton again, as he would like to go again and I would like to at all, but ain’t no way I am going to SF alone and can’t get Mom to go to the Orpheum any more when the San Jose Broadway theater exists.

* While trying to find what that shirt I own looks like, I also found this and this. Bet he really would have been into those.
** just occurred to me that I have a painting in my house with the same slogan except it says “superhero” instead.

The party was fun because when there’s a slightly smaller rotation (maybe 9 people singing rather than the usual 18 or so?), you get more songs in. I had...varying qualities with mine, I guess. I did “Get Over You” by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, “Counting Stars” again, “Raspberry Beret” with Robert (he’s right, the random things Prince throws in at the end are hard, ah well), and “Jenny Says” by Cowboy Mouth, one of my theme songs. Pyrate liked that one and said I should do it at a regular night as well. I tried “Singing In My Sleep” and jeez, was I terrible at it, the chorus in particular I could just not get the tone even close. I could land some bits of the main lyrics, but not that. Sigh. Then later I did “Galileo” by the Indigo Girls, which went better, I’m told. I doubt most of the crowd had heard that one, and of course made *cough*someone*cough* think of Bohemian Rhapsody. At one point Pyrate introduced me as “the original technicolor unicorn,” damn right.

“Hanging out with you is like hanging out with a showcase.” -Doris, to me and I assume the rest of our group.

I didn’t necessarily know everything everyone else did, but Scott did a Queen song the rest of us hadn’t heard (“Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy”). And apparently “Sit On My Face” was memorable enough for him to look up the video of it, and then he got the idea to do “Big Balls,” which was a delight to all. Yes, I liked the “and she’s got big balls” directed at me at some point during that. Heh heh heh. Robert sang “99 Luftballons” in the original German while Scott filmed it, which looked very strange from my POV, like he was doing some weird worship thing. He also did “Centerfold,” which is one of those songs where I’m all, wait, THAT’s what it’s about?! Jim’s wife and daughter dueted together to “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This,” awww. Jim got crazy doing “Under Pressure” with Scott and Pyrate and later tried “Bust A Move,” which was very difficult. He had on sunglasses to do Roy Orbison. There was a guy I hadn’t met before...Dennis, I think, who also did guitar, and he and Pyrate did a duet on “Seven Spanish Angels” and Matt did the Willie Nelson part by holding his nose. Bwah.

And at some point I wandered out to the bathroom and then came back into the dining area where the guys had gone just as I was being mentioned, and I was all “what?” and Scott said he was wondering where I was and then gave me a cute thumbs up. Awwww.

We three didn’t have whopping conversations during this much, but apparently Robert and Jean were texting about going to Mark’s show and whether or not that was going down and I said that literally all I’ve heard from so far is Robert when I talked to him in person (not even Jean and it was her idea!), so..... Then Scott expressed interest in going. It’s a shame I can’t round up everyone in person for this shit, I get better answers when I can just ask live, apparently. Theoretically this may happen next weekend. I need to figure out if I am still getting together with Jackie and if so, schedule everyone else going on some day where that isn’t going on.

At one point (I fear maybe this got brought on by uh, me generally dancing/bopping around at times there) Scott was saying that he can dance if he has to in character*, but otherwise.... I really had a lot of thoughts along the lines of “no big deal, I don’t care about that,” but didn’t feel like I could say anything under the circumstances. Instead I just kinda...I dunno, nudged my head against his shoulder like I was a cat or something. I don’t know what the hell that was.

* yeah, we were all going on about Tony n’ Tina again...I dumbassedly said “Italian accent” rather than “New York accent” and embarrassed myself there, sigh.

The last hour or so, Matthew ended the karaoke early and had Guitar Noodling Time, breaking out a bunch of instruments for those who play (Dennis, Scott, Ashley, though she had her own). Scott at first was all, “I only noodle” and then Doris was all, “Let’s hear your noodles. Put your balls away and get your noodles out.” Matthew also has some kind of guitar that is a synthesizer that sounds like a piano, so folks had fun with that. Eventually that wound down and there was some chatting on other topics before everyone eventually left. Matthew and I have ideas for plays (of sorts), though his has more fancy execution than mine.

Anyway, that was fun and I look forward to the next one and hope I can make it.

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