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Cleaning Out My Closet

2003-09-02, 11:41 p.m.

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All is for the most part well around here. We got Heather (new roommate) moved in, managed to track down the manager who said she was free and clear to move in with pets, everyone's getting along all great and happy.

And her cats are really cute and sweet. I've missed having cats running around (one of my previous-before-apartment roommates had 2 as well), and these two are sweet and fun and curious and sniff around the room, snuggle on the bed, etc. I keep being amused or just plain going "Awwww."

Definitely liking Heather- already she has the same pet peeves on things as I do for the most part, so we ahem, won't have so much of the crap I used to put up with before around here, yay!

I was a good girl tonight and actually cleaned up my closet. While the space in this room is nice, I really liked the other closet with its three shelves/racks better. This one only has two, and the top one is a bit too high for me to reach very well without lunging and plunging into the closet every time I want to get out an outfit. We went out this weekend and got me a portable clothes rack, which is now set up on the other end of the room holding all my dresses and what few pants remain, so there's less space issues.

I did pull out clothes to get rid of for the 3WA auction at the end of this month, and boy, do I need it. I felt rather humiliated trying on dresses and finding they wouldn't zip over the new enlarged tits or the even fatter than usual waist. After the pneumonia, I seem to have piled it on and about a third of the summer wardrobe from last year doesn't fit any longer. Oh, the joys of hormonal birth control. It's better than gaining a hundred pounds plus a new baby because something oopsed, so I'll deal, but it's still frustrating. I had to get rid of about all but maybe four pairs of jeans because while I could get most of them on fine, they hurt my belly like fuck to sit down or bend over. No wonder all I ever wear is dresses any more. Hiking around all over the place and/or skipping meals from business makes no dent.

I need to go to the fabric store and start making my own boxer shorts or something because I have few bits of casual wear left. That and cut some waistbands off of my jeans. I am actually attempting this now, but who knows how well I'll do at it.

In other craft discussion, I need to start working on stuff for the craft fair in November. I got another idea for it, and headed off to the bead store to look around. I found well, a lot (yay for discount day), and then had to go online to find some more specialized stuff for it. I managed to find everything I wanted for cheap at one site, but they wouldn't let me spend less than $25. Yeesh. Then I spent hours debating what to get from here, since there were at least three logos I wanted. Since I spent $60 on beads today I just stuck to one thing, but I may go back for more if there's time, money, and availability. I feel rather ashamed for all my shopping of late, but...oh well. As usual, eh?

I am rather worried about Dave.

So he's got this medical condition that among other nasty things, is kinda chronic-fatiguey. You don't exactly get much in the way of nutrients staying in your body with this condition, and I know he hasn't exactly been doing any maintenance on it since er, around the last time he had to go to the ER in pain with no insurance. He's supposed to take pills like 4 times a day, and he's never done that in all the time I've known him. He used to just choke down like 8 pills in the morning or something and then forget about it. In more recent months, he's just stopped taking them altogether for no particular reason. This was especially worrying since he was having a slight flareup around the last ER visit, but since I'm not there with him every day, nothing I can do about it. (And I'm a shitty pill-taker myself, so...)

This weekend, he was totally wiped out. On Friday he came home from the station and didn't want to go out to eat, wanted to order pizza in, fine. Saturday he wants to go pick up the Dark Tower books, so we end up comparison shopping at a few stores and getting ice cream and soda, and we end up taking a cart home for him to lean on on the walk home. Sunday we don't go out at all because of him being tired out from the previous day, and never do make it out to the hardware store like we planned. On Monday we went to the store (note: store is about a 15-20 minute walk from home, as was everywhere we went over the weekend), and took a cart again to haul back large items. He was so tired he had to have the cart to walk home, and had to sit down and rest every other block or so.

This is scaring me. He actually dug up his old pill stash he kept here and started taking them as he was supposed to. Course, after a few weeks he's going to run out, and he can't get more without seeing a doctor, and of course he has no insurance and already owes fuckloads from the other times he had to see a doctor and had no insurance...and unless we elope, he's not likely to get any insurance in the near or semi-near future. God only knows how long it's gonna be before he gets into this school and then gets a job after he's done with it.

Yeah, I'm worried, and there's fuckall that can be done about it.

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