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What Do Hipsters Do?

2012-09-02, 7:42 p.m.

Yesterday was quite awesome.

L and I spent the day at the Scottish Games. My mom was (obviously) Quite Pissed at me for going with someone else and not her. However, I had my reasons, such as (a) this would be L's first and possibly last SG if she gets a job elsewhere by next year (which she probably will) and (b) given that I am about to spend over two weeks of Too Much Quality Time With Mom, I wanted the weekend off. So she called me three times in a row to pout at me, and then bitch me out for having pants that make us look "poor" and to not wear them back east. I assume she means the ones that roll up to become shorts, which admittedly aren't supposed to be formal wear. But I think she just had to come up with some way in her psyche to punish me and make me feel bad anyway. Even if it comes off ridiculous like bitching about pants. Come on.

Anyway, the nice thing about going with L was that we got to see Tempest, which is a Celtic rock band that I like, but pretty much can't see if I go to any event like this with Mom because she doesn't like that sort of thing. Hell, I can't even see them in my own town at Whole Earth because they always play on Mother's Day. We got to see them play twice and they rocked the house. I wish they'd had a bigger stage because they are awesome. They have electric violin, which I think is great. On the other hand, we didn't spend as much time shopping as I do with Mom--actually, for once I had restraint when it came to shopping. Which I need since I'll probably blow twelve gajillion dollars on souvenirs back East, sigh.

After the Games, we went to go hang out with some of L's friends from grad school that moved to the Bay Area. The friends are adorably cute and sweet and awesome and were all, "Hey, you wanna go to our next tea party?" Sure! I also heard a story that kind of freaked me out-- they had a car that they parked on the street, but the owner came down to get it one morning and found it gone. She called the cops, who were all, 'That car got stolen and was used in a shooting, we'll have it in evidence for uh...a long ass time." Actually, the car got stolen BY THE COPS after somebody shot up the car, in their fairly nice city neighborhood. Apparently the cops wanted to charge her over $100 just to give her a piece of paper that would allow her to get the car back...and then the place storing and towing the car wanted $500+ to give it back to her. A totally shot up and broken glass, pretty much not worth taking back car--she was supposed to pay them all $600+ for something she didn't do to herself at all. SHEESH.

It seriously makes me wonder if I can deal with city life. On the one hand, cool shit to do (see below). On the other hand, there's your car getting SHOT UP. In a neighborhood where this sort of thing should be rare to never.

L's friends took us to a spectacular tapas restaurant, where we had like 8 or 9 fancy-ass appetizers and 2 desserts and wine. They were of varying size--some enough for 4 to eat, some were freaking tiny for the cost. However, they treated us to the whole thing, which was awesome and amazing. (Especially given the bill, holy shit.) It's kind of funny that the last couple of nights I've spent out drinking and eating appetizers for dinner while someone else paid. Who woulda thunk on that, eh?

And then after that...L had seen a band named Golem back East sometime--let's say that the band involves electric guitar and accordion and singing in Yiddish, but in a super catchy, danceable way--and had found out that they were playing in a loft nearby. Upon hearing the band, I can say that they are very danceable and a lot of people had a good time, particularly L. So when we walked over there after dinner...holy shit. L was all, "Just to let you guys know, despite the fact that I brought you here, I am not normally a cool enough person to know about these things." I'm not exactly a person who with hipsters in her real life. We don't really have them in my town. I saw one once when Merry was having her birthday party with Burning Man folks and a guy who looked a lot like Ira Glass was brought along as someone's date. The next morning, Merry's husband was all, "Where did ____ find that fucking hipster?" I was like, oh, a hipster is supposed to look like Ira Glass?

Well, I think this was a gathering of hipsters. Lots of black going on, some folks had weird outfits. I still have no explanation for the three people wearing the same bodysuit, especially when one of them was a miserable-looking guy who had to put shorts on over his tightly-squeezed junk. There was a slide show of beats-me-what in the back, along with some random old dude who was spending the entire night spinning bike wheels and then trying to put balls and other semi-sorta-round objects on the wheel to see how long they'd stay on. This went on for hours, and answers the eternal question of "What do hipsters do?"

Oh yeah, and then there was this super amazing dirty sculpture. Don't say I didn't warn you about the dirty. It made me laugh and laugh.

Good times, good times.

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