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God Doesn't Want Me Listening to Yacht Rock

2019-09-03, 9:33 a.m.


I didn’t really do shit today. Mostly I was just tired. About all I got done today besides picking up some kind of glue to fix my unicorn horn* and getting gas for the car was working on various “who am I going to hang out with” arrangement making scenarios, so far none of which have worked out. Tried to organize a pub quiz gathering but nobody else wanted to except one person and then she bailed, tried checking with Jackie to see if we were on for next weekend but apparently I didn’t do it right and she’s annoyed at me AND the thing we were going to do has been canceled, so whatever... I am out of energy for that. And finally I sent another email about the Little Shop of Horrors thing, so let’s see if anyone does anything with that one.

* Yeah, that’s my life.


I heard back from Jean the next morning, saying, “oh, I’m out of town until the 20th or so, is the show still going on then?” I later checked with Robert to be all, did she give you ANY indication about being out of town, because I got the impression from y’all that it was this weekend? No, she did not. I was very growly to read this since I’m gone that weekend, that leaves only the last weekend the show is on, AND I finally made up a schedule of shit I want to do on weekends in the next two months and it’s mega goddamned busy. I would rather get the show over with this weekend than cram it into the last one.

Sigh. I never heard back from Jean about this (as of 9/8 when I'm actually posting), but at least got confirmation from the guys at karaoke that they’d be fine with doing it either the Friday or the Saturday on the show’s last weekend.

Notes from therapy today:

* My shrink said there have been no red lights here (well, I disagree, I’d say July 30 was one), “There have been only yellow lights when it comes to you.”
* “He is choosing to spend time with you because you understand that he’s not going to ask anybody out.”
* Will he go out if asked? We don’t know under the circumstances. I assume no at the moment.
* My shrink’s opinion on this one: he was pretty clear he doesn’t want to date but he does want to spend time with you one on one. I actually don’t think he does on the last one since we don’t do that even post-events any more, plus the “can’t ask” thing.
* “You don’t freak out on him. That’s sometimes all you need.”

As for karaoke: it was fairly empty tonight somehow. Robert and I were alone for the first hour or so (since his character isn’t in the play much, he has a light rehearsal schedule compared to others), so we hung out, drank, discussed stuff, sang the same stuff we did on Sunday (the guys did, anyway), more or less. Janene and Scott came in around 9ish and then Sarah came in with a guy named Tyler-not sure if he’s her date or an old childhood friend, sounded like the latter at least. For obvious reasons I didn’t get to talk to her all that much tonight! Well, maybe later. I had fun talking to Janene about acting stuff, weird songs, and the joys of active shooter training. She said she’s trying to get gun-related words out of her vocabulary (example: say “send me an email” instead of “shoot me an email”) just as Robert was singing one of his favorites, “Happiness Is A Warm Gun.” We pondered other words to sub in instead there.

I did “Jenny Says” again per Matthew’s request, and then later did a new one, “Wish I Knew You” by the Revivalists, which is a really cute song and video about an interracial couple reuniting and actually getting together at their 1965 high school reunion. I bet they couldn’t do that in the 60’s, but now....awwww. And at the end I did “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac because nobody else had done it tonight and what the hell, I’ll try it. Some folks thought I did that one pretty well, go figure.

We found out that Ashley, who I presumed was about 13 (she is tiny), is actually 19 and has her mom pick out her songs for her. Go figure. A ringer like me. Jim came by to hang out off and on and wants to throw his own party at some point. We found out that apparently high schools will now send kids conferences? Or at least that’s a thing Scott did and I was all, wtf.... at this. Jim was doing themed songs tonight and Matthew had some kind of movie trivia contest going and Robert guessed both of those right.

Sarah has a hate-on for certain aspects of Disney due to Horrible Things That Happened to Her, and while the hurricane news was on the TV, she said, “Fuck Florida, let it go back to the alligators.”

Jim brought up the idea of what songs you associate with your first love. I had no answer because I was all, “first grade, I got NOTHING” to that. (Come to think of it, I don’t really have any associated with ex #1 I can think of, I kinda vaguely have maybe one for ex #2 and really, the only one that I had a “song” with was ex #3, “In Your Eyes,” because it was a very Lloyd-and-Diane relationship.) Other folks mentioned that this might date them and Janene talked about celebrity crushes being talked about in her class and she’d SAY hers was Hugh Jackman, but if she was younger she’d say Chris Hemsworth.

I already knew Scott’s because he’s mentioned it before (“More Than Words,” at Linda’s cast party), but he decided he wanted to go into more detail about it, being all “I met her in high school, we were in a play together and got to know each other more...” (I was all, so hm, this is a thing with you?) and after a while some folks, by which I mean mostly Jim, started to want him to hurry it up. Finally Jim just yelled, “KARAOKE ENDS AT ELEVEN, SCOTT,” and he yelled out “MORE THAN WORDS!” in response. I found it all very funny.

After all of that, I brought up the Little Shop trip (see above) and then Robert brought up organizing an escape room trip, because he’s lined up 8 people (the entire karaoke gang here tonight, plus Blonde Sarah, Cameron and Brian) for this. Scott has 8 tickets to the one in Vacaville he got for Christmas at some point, and we more or less figured that it could be done on a Wednesday because play rehearsal isn’t going on. Presumably next Wednesday.

Now, all things considered, I would say this wasn’t a particularly eventful night on...y’know, any particular topic. HowEVER. I’d had my iPod on in the car on the way home and after hooking it up just in case the radio got dull, I switched to the Sirius channels that come with the car while driving home. And I noticed something.

I have some preset channels set up and one of them was “Yacht Rock,” (#311) which I have on there basically because I have been trying to figure out what the fuck that is. All I’ve really figured out is that it is NOT about boats. I have not heard “Sailing” or “I’m On A Boat” like I was expecting, or in the latter case, hoping for. It appears to be “soft rock” as far as I can tell?

Anyway: when I turned on the car, “Yacht Rock’s” radio setting had been replaced with the “Love” channel (#70, seventies rock ballads). What song was on? “Friends And Lovers” by Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson.

For the record: I note that those radio stations are not close to each other, I did not change that thing on my own, Yacht Rock did not suddenly morph into the Love station.... THE CAR MAGICALLY DID THIS ON ITS OWN AS FAR AS I CAN TELL.

Y’all, IT’S A SIGN. Mind BLOWN. Didn’t sleep that night either because I was so shocked. Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

Also, God doesn’t want me listening to Yacht Rock.

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