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Another 3-Day Weekend

2007-09-04, 1:32 p.m.

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You know what? I love not having a crush on anybody.

I also especially love that on the rare occasions when I've had a crush on somebody, it hasn't been at all mutual. (Actual boyfriends do not count as crushes, seeing as I hooked up with them relatively quickly and thus there was very little crush torture going on.) Because at least then I knew the score.

Of late, I seem to be surrounded by people who have crushes, whose crushes have been only somewhat reciprocated, but not enough, and then they are all being tortured by the "does he or doesn't he?" stuff.

Uck. Uck, uck, uck. Man, do I enjoy not having that crap go on with me.

I hate paying rent when the rent gets raised. I am officially paying more than I ever wanted to pay in rent...but STILL don't want to up and move somewhere slightly cheaper.

I suck.

I REALLY SHOULD MOVE NEXT YEAR. Dammit. I really don't wanna. I don't really want a new 1-bedroom to myself, but given how roommates keep on moving out and on, I'm kind of burned out on looking for new. Uck. Nothing easy no matter what I do.

I did enjoy having a first-weekend-in-September off from moving (which I probably shouldn't have next year...sigh). I hit the Scottish Games again and was actually quite restrained when it came to shopping. I got this shirt, which I thought rocked. I got a couple of cheap sweaters, which almost (but not quite) made me look forward to colder weather, because they are awesome. And I got another claddagh ring, this one for my right pinky finger. These days it bugs me to have a finger not beringed, somehow.

Jackie and I went into SF on Monday to do some shopping, and it was ridiculous how LITTLE money I spent on stuff. I paid $2 for 3 belts, total. I bought 2 skirts that were $5 apiece. I think the max I paid for any one item was $8. Nice! And the weather didn't suck, and the crazies were elsewhere. Awesome. Despite the supposed Bay Area Traffic Crazy (i.e. 3-day weekend + Bay Bridge closing), BART was pleasantly uncrowded and the highway was even quiet. Don't ask me how that happened, but it was nice.

Though I do have to say...$17 for two tiny crab cakes (here)? Seriously? It's a good thing I wasn't starvingly hungry that day, because SHEESH. Not that they weren't yummy, but...two? tiny? Freaking ridiculous. If I ever go there again I'm just ordering a $26 burger or something.

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