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2019-09-06, 9:39 a.m.


I found out that the auditions for Coney Island Christmas are VERY SOON, on the 13th (on a Friday night?!) and 18th (can’t do that one ‘cause I’m gone). This makes me wonder if everyone currently in Viewing Room is going to be able to even BE in Coney Island if there’s overlap in rehearsal. Like, they can audition on those dates fine as far as I know, but their tech week is the last week of September...on the other hand, I can’t imagine they’d start Coney Island rehearsals in the same space while someone else’s tech week is going on.... SO CONFUSED.

(Note: according to Robert later, this theater company is fine with that sort of thing.)

I have decided under the auditioning circumstances to NOT volunteer at the Craft Center in fall, or at least not sign up for a shift (I think the deadline is the end of this week) for now. I might later if by some chance I don’t get into this one--GOD I HOPE I GET IT, hah-- but if they’re starting the show that early, I may just skip entirely.

Also, the lady who did the seating arrangements in Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is directing it. I....dunno on this one. That lady did not seem laid back, if you know what I mean.


I had to get three fillings replaced today. While they were in there, they found a fourth they wanted to redo too. To the tune of $1000, when they told me it’d be $400 originally. This is with insurance. FML.

In other news, escape room has been decided on for Sunday morning, the Sherlock Holmes room because Scott is into Sherlock.


The temps both interviewed for the one job today. I wish them both luck.

I’ve always been very interested in the concept of the lovemap You really wonder how the hell humans come up with these things. In my case, it has been pretty obvious that mine has been ridiculously influenced by watching Remington Steele at an early age.

Nowadays if someone asks what my type is, I describe in terms of Disney princes: either a Prince Eric (dark hair, blue eyes, sweet and nice) or a Flynn/Eugene (dark hair, hazel eyes, smarter...For those wondering, Scott falls into the latter category), I seem to alternate between the two. However, there’s always been something about my exes that had something to do with Mr. Steele. Dark hair/blue eyes has been a repeating factor, and the ex that was more of a Flynn/Eugene in looks had another similarity that made him get razzed about the show and therefore he wasn’t too thrilled with it. If I knew anyone at all with an English accent, I assume that would have become a Thing for me as well, but I don’t know any English dudes in California.

Where am I gong with this? Well, there was more discussion on escape room group text as to whether or not folks should show up in costume or not, if anyone has any Holmes-period clothes (does Dickens Fair outfit count?) which led to discussions of bonnets and who owns them (Cameron and I, apparently, and Robert, of all people....I still want to know what is up with this), reference to Mal and his pretty floral bonnet on Firefly, etc. And then Robert was all “we could dress up as our favorite detectives, I call dibs on Poirot.” Some folks figured this out more easily than others--Cameron as Phryne Fisher, Redhead Sarah as Nancy Drew-- but I was all well, my favorite is someone I highly doubt anyone in this crowd has heard of because it’s from an old 80’s detective show that was only around for four years and isn’t terribly popular these days (also shows my age...sigh). I figured it was reasonable to assume nobody’d know who I was dressing as and when I made comments about 80’s and a fedora and having the wrong hair color, even Robert thought I just meant Carmen Sandiego. Yeah, I don’t have the right color trenchcoat for that one.

Anyway, I finally caved and posted a few links explaining the show.

To which, uh.... Yeah, turns out that he’s....uh, heard of the show....

And apparently loves the characters, thought that was an awesome pick and said he’d try being Mr. Steele if he could, to which I was “you could do the accent” and he said he could do the film knowledge. (I did briefly go find Hannah at work and go SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE about this whole thing. What can I say, dude continues to surprise me.) And then Robert was all, “you should go as him” and I was all “I am now very biased on that suggestion” and....

YEAH, PROBABLY SHOULDN’T HAVE GONE THERE, HUH, because at that point I suspect he went all Blue Screen of Death and is now freaking out, definitely went radio silent after that. I blame Robert :p Seriously, do I need to give the guy a heads up about...oh, whatever....argh, I don’t want to....argh....


So yeah, he’s probably having some giant freakout again, which means things go back to square...whatever...and I’m sure we’ll all be curious as to what he shows up wearing come Sunday morning.

As for tonight, I went to the Cambridge Footlights show, an annual tradition at the Comedy Spot where they bring in English college students from a troupe that has started the careers of many famous English comedians. It was fairly crazy. Best bits I enjoyed were the crazy dance numbers, the recurring gag of Elon Musk offering his submarine and then calling everyone “pedo” when they refuse it, and the Springer-esque talk show with Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, complete with paternity test. Other things were a bit less coherent to understand, but oh well.

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