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We Can't Escape From 2020

2020-09-06, 8:25 p.m.

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(I posted this stuff out of order. This is really Sunday, September 6.)

I woke up around 8: 45 a.m. and saw that the temperature was going to be 111 and if I was going to put air in my tires, I'd better do it now. I FAILED MISERABLY, AGAIN, let so much air OUT I could not drive, had to make the gas station attendant help me, and he barely ran over to put in enough air so I could drive and then ran away. (Can't say I blame him now.) The tire is STILL low, of course nobody's open on a Sunday, and now I can't ask Dawn's husband for help any more, so....fuck. I attempted to book an appointment online for tomorrow JUST to get air put in the tires, but we'll see if that happens or not. I really didn't want to have to get help from others on something so easy, but I'm so fucking stupid I can't.

GOD, I AM SO FUCKING STUPID. WHY IS SOMETHING SO RIDICULOUSLY EASY TO DO SOMETHING I AM TOO STUPID TO DO? Why is more air going OUT than coming in? Why the hell isn't there some kind of seal over the valve so air doesn't go back out? Why can't I do something that any man can do without thinking?! I watched the guy and I just don't get what's different for him. I AM SO FUCKING STUPID.

I also had to physically go into the bookstore in order to get the book--they can't even do curbside because the street is blocked out. The bookstore looked so inviting and I wanted to look at books, but..... sigh. So I have the book I want, but now that it's been touched by other humans, I have to not touch it for another three days. The library doesn't touch books for three days when they get them back either. SIGH. I'd love to read it today, but.... sigh.

So now I am done doing stuff for the day, but probably have to leave tomorrow if the tire place is open. Not sure if it's open tomorrow or not. I submitted an online appointment form, but we'll see. Mom texted me later to say that she was trying to run around doing errands in one of the cars she's not driving much and got told at the car wash that the tires were so low she shouldn't be driving on them, so they filled it up for her. She feels bad for not being able to handle this shit. Me too.

I can say that a lot more masks were out today, I saw people dining outside but with tables not particularly spread out. People attempting to live lives during this. I continue to find that to be so weird, to keep trying to pretend that you can do life like normal.

In an alternate universe from this one, I'd be out of town this weekend. Scottish Games. Staying at Mom's--okay, I don't miss the hoarder house but I do miss going somewhere else, and being able to relax outside and think about something else other than virus.

The escape room I was going to do today got canceled. Waaaaah. Now I have nothing to do today. I tried to schedule things but nothing much was going on. Well, I found things but just didn't feel motivated to sign up for any of them. I am blah. Having that experience of "I kinda want to take a nap but when I tried to fall asleep I couldn't" level of blah. I did at least walk around for 90 minutes and lifted weights (i.e. liter bottles full of water) and that was about it for my energy for the day. And I'm not even outside any more.

I would like to note the irony that the escape room I signed up for was "Escape from 2020." Literally, WE CAN'T ESCAPE FROM 2020.

In other non-news, I found Aggretsuko stuff online:

(a) An interview with the guy who plays Haida in English (Ben Diskin), who definitely thinks Haida is an idiot and had a great rant about it from 55 minutes in to the end. He was very surprised by how the season ended, he asked someone "Are we just supposed to hate Haida now? Is that where the show is going?" and compared him to an incel/awful person. The answer he got back was 'No, it's not that, he's trying to use tough love." The karaoke song Haida does isn't nice at all, "Wow, what a fucking asshole, what is wrong with this?! That was my gut reaction to this." He agrees with people online that it seems rushed, inappropriate, and terrible. He said that he resolved it within himself by saying that the characters have their own defined personalities. He compares Haida to a guy who gets the bright idea to fix a TV by watching a lot of Happy Days, putting on a leather jacket, and smacking the TV--and somehow even though this is stupid and Haida is stupid and this shouldn't work, it works.

The actor says that Retsuko sucks ass at fixing herself and she needs other people to get anywhere and hates asking. Haida has a hero complex and is an idiot. In the karaoke scene, they called each other out on their bullshit. Retsuko's not going to heal at her mom's house and she's just going to hide if she stays here. Haida's aware of this and this is why he decides to do something to prevent her from being a shut-in even if he doesn't know what to do. The actor's take is that Retsuko finally gets to RAGE authentically, Haida's happy that she's being herself and she snaps out of it. "Haida's an idiot and his ideas are stupid." But "Retsuko saves herself through him." Also, most people should NOT do what Haida did. The actor would be pissed if they got together after this, but is fine with them being friends. He thanked the hosts for giving him an opportunity to air his thoughts because Twitter is too short.

(b) A Twitch stream of the cast doing a table read of one of the episodes.
* They have a separate guy who does the voice of Aggreksuko doing karaoke and when he raged, everyone was clearly enjoying it. The actress that plays "calm Retsuko" held up a rage face mask.
* "I only learned she was a chinchilla from the Internet," the girl who plays Manaka said.

I enjoyed this video on Whatever Happened to Murphy Brown?

After that, I started in on Umbrella Academy. Random quotes from episodes 1-5:

* "You are an open book written for very dumb children."
* I liiiiiiike Allison's husband. What a great guy.
* "I love old couples. I'm always so proud of them for not murdering each other." * "Oh, you know, dicks, drugs, debutantes. My holy trinity."
* "Klaus, you started a cult." "Cult is a very negative word, Allison. We prefer to call it an alternative spiritual community."
* Klaus, upon hearing the name of Allison's husband: "We did time together. Small world."
* "The point is, frogs are bitches, and we do not negotiate with terrorists." -this is Klaus's interpretation of the ol' "I got stung by a scorpion while ferrying him across the river, which is dumb because now we both die, but the dumbass scorpion can't help it" story.
* How are the others? "Diego?" "Nuthouse. Klaus?" "Cult leader." "Eh."
* "Oh, I would love to see an energy tentacle."
* "Did we all get sexier?"
* "My cult is gonna be so pissed, Five, I told them we had until 2019."
* "Is it Vanya? It's usually Vanya."
* "I'm just a nanny on a farm."
* "Is there any way that tacos are going to cause the end of the world?" "There's only one way to find out!"
* "Face it, the healthiest relationship in this family is when Five was banging that mannequin." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH
* On Vanya blowing up shit: "Yeah, I'd really like to not do that any more."
* "Ohhhh, does that mean I have to face my cult? I hate group breakups. It's why I stopped dating twins."

Oh, and finally, I heard back from Scott tonight: the cat came back! They went looking for her and she casually walked by them not even looking for pets. They brought her inside for the time being, and he's not crying any more. Huzzah.

Also, dare I say it, but St. Francis worked, eh?

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