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2006-09-07, 3:36 p.m.

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Bad laptop news.

It's the video chip that's broken. And apparently getting a new one would cost so much money that "you might as well just buy a new laptop." As of this writing, the repair guy is looking for somewhat cheap replacement parts, but I got the impression that I shouldn't get my hopes up.

It pretty much figures, really. It seems to me like all computerized gadgets die after 4 years, and every other favorite gadget of mine has had to be replaced in the last few months, so only the laptop was left to die.

And at least this time I HAVE the money saved up to buy a new one, so I don't have to beg Mom for money and then get yelled at about paying her back for 4 years. But on the other hand, there goes probably 90% to all of my savings in the last few years *sigh* So that's annoying.

Okay, on the bright side, I can perhaps look for a laptop that's a few pounds lighter, as mine is practically a brick. And get some more hard drive space. I wonder if I'll have to dig up a ride to go to some computer store to look at laptops, or if I'll just end up ordering from Dell and cutting work to wait for damn UPS whenever it comes in.

But on the other hand, one way or another I'm computer-free for a few weeks and that DRIVES ME INSANE. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do come Sunday when I'm home alone with no activities going on and I'm bored. I sure as hell don't want to clean my room here.

But it's such a fucking pain in the ass to start all over again. I've got my documents/mp3's backed up as of (I think) a few days prior to the crash, so that's probably all right. But when it comes to programs, I always lose all of my damn install disks about 30 seconds after I finish an installation, so god only knows what I'm going to do about all my staple programs now. I'm so Taurean, I swear. Don't upset my system, dammit!

I went back to my writing group again for the first time in a month, since last month I had to cut all meetings due to training. Ironically, due to various people having crappy personal lives, or just returning from Dragon Con, or *ahem* a busted laptop, NOBODY had brought anything they'd written to read today. And the guy who comes up with the in-meeting prompts was in Colorado. So it pretty much ended up being a four-hour gossipfest. Which was quite fun, especially when conversations wander about.

At some point people are going on about failed romantic relationships, and the married-many-times folks were all, "You never get any smarter about relationships. Ever, ever, ever." They said they were jealous of me because I hardly ever find anyone attractive. I said it's not as great as you think, because when you find one person attractive every 2-3 years, you end up having no judgement over the situation. It's hard for you to find any damn fish in your sea, it's been a LONG time since you had any fish around in the first place, and by the time the hormones kick in on someone, your judgement as to whether or not they'd be a good person to settle down with is gone. Pretty depressing, really.

Anyway, I can't remember how we got onto this topic (two members have crushes on Sean Bean, I think that had something to do with it), but one chick suggested this idea:

What if someone guaranteed that you could meet your celebrity crush of choice, and they would fall madly in love with you? What would you do? Her answer was that she'd want some time beforehand to go lose some weight and start writing screenplays so she could get involved in his world. But then she said that by the time she got herself all changed up, she'd be a different person by then, and maybe it wouldn't matter if she met him or not. She also said that NOTHING will stop her if she is determined to do something. (Note: she is married, so this isn't going to happen for real anyway.)

I find the idea of arranging your life so that you can get within the orbit of a famous person in order to meet them pretty intriguing. (I have a novel idea about this sort of thing, actually. IF I get to do NaNo this year, that will probably be the plot I use for it.) But on the other hand, think about it: if you don't already Know People Who Know People, how long would it take? You'd probably have to get into the entertainment field, whether or not you've got talent. Odds are, you might have to get famous yourself. That could take years. And years.

(Incidentally, I don't find fame appealing for the "people bitch at you online and in tabloids about how fat you are and are you pregnant yet" sort of stuff. I find fame appealing because your choices for interesting work go WAY up, and you can not only meet, but get to know some cool people that you could never meet as an average person. Too bad paparazzi go right along with that.)

And what, if in the (let's be optimistic yet realistic and say) 2-3 years it takes you to get famous enough, or at least employed in that field enough, to get within the orbit of Mr. Famous Hottie, he gets married to another celebrity? So much for that goal, eh?

I pointed out that if you took away the guaranteed hookup option in her scenario, this wasn't exactly something you could do with success in the real world. And that's what kind of sucks about wanting that particular goal and going after it. It's not exactly something you can realistically succeed at.

And yet, I still find the idea of managing it to be intriguing, if also stalker-ish. But it'd also be a good method of getting your own career goals met if they are similar to Mr. Famous's arena, I suppose.

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