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I Wasn't Even Fazed

2019-09-07, 9:45 a.m.

Per yesterday’s conversation, I dug up my old DVD’s of Remington Steele and started watching some to figure out for a Laura Holt ensemble. I basically figured “wear stuff I wear to interviews” (i.e. blazers...which I hate wearing, I don’t think those look good on women with giant boobs, you look like a stuffed sausage) and thus I dug up a black blazer, white shirt, and black and silver skirt. But with my fedora on, well, it looked rather Blues Brother. And thus, I went thrift store shopping and got a bunch of stuff that ah, related not at all to the costume shopping until the end. I got a tutu-y skirt that will work if I ever decide to play Carrie Bradshaw, a red lacy top to layer over other tops, a fake gold tattoo, a book, a tank top, a buttondown flower top and a blue sheath dress that I could wear for business crap. The last three of those were on sale for a dollar each(!) and they had blazers on sale, but I hated them all.

In the last store I hit, they had a few blazers/suits and the only one that worked was the last one I tried on, a lavender blazer and skirt ensemble. I decided I could live with that one!

On my way out of the store, I saw a license place that said “TES AMOR.” I assume this is the best the owners could get to make it say “te amo,” but yeah, sounds like a sign. I also then went back in the store after buying the suit after I realized I forgot to hit the book area before I left, and while flipping through books I found a card stuck in one with a heart with a star in the middle and the saying, “I can trust love to handle all challenges.”

Y’know, after the car changing stations on its own a few days ago, I wasn’t even fazed by this?

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