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Bloody Bored

2003-09-08, 6:25 p.m.

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The weekend was...better than expected, really. I figured Dave would be sick all weekend long, but he was sick badly only on Sunday. He was recovered enough to attempt to do chores, pick up dinner and a movie, etc. the rest of the time.

Sunday, however, it was back to square one on pure sick. Wasn't eating, barely moving, kinda frightening. I spent the day in a pissed-off mood- pissed off at circumstances, pissed off at him for not taking his drugs the way he was supposed to to prevent shit like this happening. We had this conversation about why he'd just drifted off from pill taking and going from lowered to nonexistent doses.

I got so annoyed at his mother for bitching and bitching about how he didn't finish the chores he was supposed to do, but she did say she was dragging him to an ER or something today whether he liked it or not. So now he's finally gone and gotten a bunch of pills, and let's hope he recovers quickly this time.

The ride back was interesting. On one of the busses I took, there's this cool driver. Well, another girl who goes on the same route as I do all the time and I were talking to him, as he is looking for another job. Apparently the management there isn't all that great- people fighting over routes and who has seniority, people who won't take the Tahoe route in winter but suddenly want it in summer, they get paid via route, etc. Even more distressing, they don't like to do repairs on the busses. Since this guy worked in safety for a LOT of years, this freaked him out no end. (Kinda unnerving to find out the bus you're in has a bald tire they won't replace.) I like the guy, but I certainly don't blame him for wanting out.

I am so not interested in doing my job any more. I am so bored, so bored, so bored of this. I noticed that my coworker was looking at other jobs here this morning before he did his traditional morning disappearance- he's probably at his desk about half the time, or so it seems, and I don't know if he's off photocopying or just AWOL. I checked too, but of course there is absolutely nothing that I am qualified in any way to do. Rather sad that I have two degrees and no qualifications to do any sort of actual work for pay short of prostitution.

I never bother to look under "communications/arts" because of course, nothing is offered. I don't look anywhere but in clerical. I didn't even waste my time looking at any but the absolute lowest paid jobs in that (I have learned my lesson on applying above my station for big-time work such as being a receptionist- my apps are ignored), and those were temporary and required either a car or heavy lifting.

My big excitement for the week is going to be two presentations regarding the police on Wednesday morning, "Dealing with Difficult People" (lord knows I can use that one) and "Workplace Threats and Violence." Somebody had a meltdown last week when he found out he got dropped from his classes for not paying fees and they had to call the cops on him, so now we get a special talking-to. I am actually rather excited about this, which should tell you how my days go! And I'm not just excited because it's two hours less of typing Same Damn Thing Again And Again, either. I could like, actually use my brain for a bit!

Yup, I'm lame.

I am having another Stupid Moment again. I know people yell at me for saying I'm stupid, so I'll tell you this: I will stop calling myself stupid when I stop ACTING stupid, mmkay?

Example #1: I planned on doing an iron-on transfer for my last quilt square.

(a) It did not occur to me that I should have brought along the quilt square fabric to Dave's when I was getting the transfer printed.

(2) It did not occur to me that transferring requires a HARD surface for it to be done on or else it won't work.

(d) It did not occur to me that I have no stable hard surfaces in the house. I have a card table and a coffeetable with one really weak leg. Thus, the only place I could do it would be the kitchen floor (non-carpeted space with an outlet), but I can't do that because of the cats.

How I'm going to get this done now, I don't know.

And then there's example #2: I insisted on bringing all of the clay beads I've made at Dave's home to be baked, since he'd lost all the baking supplies. Course, it doesn't occur to me that I can't use a pan I already have (it can't be metal) to bake the things because then they will be poisoned.

So much for working tonight, apparently...

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