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Let It Go, Already

2006-09-08, 11:16 a.m.

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My horoscopes for the month of September, on all sites, for both my sun and rising signs, predict love all over the place.

But this line from the second one takes the cake:

"New love could hit you like a ton of lifelike blow-up dolls early this month..."

I cannot stop laughing at this.

In other news, Mom is up to her old incessant nagging about cleaning again. She is insistent that I force Ian to rent a carpet cleaning machine to clean the carpets. I say that (a) I think that's too much trouble given that I'll probably just mess 'em up within five minutes and it's not like I'm turning the joint over to someone else yet, and (b) as long as they get vacuumed and de-stunk with Odors Out, that is fine with me.

And really, IT'S NOT HER DAMN PLACE. Why is she losing her shit about it and can't talk to me about anything else but how I should clean the carpets?

No, seriously, she cannot discuss anything but cleaning.

Over the weekend, we had a very calm and rational conversation about how any discussion of cleaning is a big ol' hot button for me, and I am not capable of talking about it for more than a few minutes in a calm and rational manner. If she will insist on harping on me about incessantly, I will get upset. She seemed to understand this. At the time.

Naturally, she has forgotten about this by yesterday.

I have politely told her that this bugs me. I told her yesterday that SHE DOESN'T CLEAN HER HOUSE (unless Mauricio is there to make her, and he just wants her out of the house so she won't insist on saving everything), so why is she judging me, and she said, "Well, I'm TRYING. You're not dead yet, you're not too old to change." Then I said that my place is NOT her house, and she then said, "So I won't help you on ANYTHING, EVER. I just want you to do THIS ONE LITTLE THING, is that so hard?"

Whee, emotional blackmail again!

So, again, I hung up on her. I didn't even bother with saying, "I'm going to hang up on you since you won't stop this," I just did it. Course, that means she'll leave me a fuckload of messages, joy. It's a shame, really, because I wanted to talk to her about laptops. But nooooo, she couldn't stop with the broken record behavior.

Why does someone act like this? Why do they harp on one topic and can't let go?

And above all else, why won't she get that I'm so fucked up and feel like a failure at life because she berates me about my lack of Good Woman Behavior all the fucking time?

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