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2012-09-08, 1:56 p.m.

Okay, I am going to post a vacation entry today since otherwise I won't be doing one until very late tonight. This is for 9/8/12, the first day of the trip.

(Note for future vacation entries: I am terrible at getting the pictures sized and properly posting into my blog format here. I have given up on such and just linked everything.)

Didn't sleep this night, because with a 6:25 a.m. flight that means you have to get up at 3 a.m. to leave by 4-ish... gah. I spent a lot of time constantly repondering what the hell to pack. More warm weather clothes because was saying 80's later in the week? Eventually I gave up and stuck to having 95% pants/sleeved shirts. Mistake?

Mom left late, plus we parked in long term parking and had to wait for an airport shuttle... long story short, we barely made the flight. They were paging our names. Fun.

First we flew to Salt Lake City (one hour-ish), then had a short bit of layover there, enough to pick up lunch. The other flight was 5-ish hours. Flew over the flyover states-not too terribly interesting to see-- and then flew over the Great Lakes, which was more interesting to look down at.
So once again it's been years since I flew other than Southwest, and I continue to be amazed at how downhill everyone else is. No free movie any more on a 5 hour flight. Still have free radio (most of the stations didn't work on the first plane), but the second plane had computers on the backs of the seats if you wanted to pay for a movie or Internet. On the other hand, you could listen to a ton of albums and create a playlist for free, so that was fun. Got through several albums of music, listening to the non-radio hits to see if I liked any. The plane had a wee bit of turbulence, which I guess was unusual/freaked people out. I was all, pish, tosh, ain't nearly as bad as flying to Montana.

We got picked up by Bill and Matt. (Explanation: Bill is Mom's first cousin. Matt is his son and the relative closest to me in age. We hit it off the one time he visited CA while I was in college.) While getting out of the car, a cop came by... no, we weren't ticketed, he just liked Bill's car because he used to have one.
We went back to Bill's awesome Victorian(!) house in Winchester, meeting up with Bill's wife Selina and Matt's wife Tricia. I am happy to report that we totally hit it off with them to. Man, it's nice to hang out with relatives who actually like us.

Talked to Selina about knitting-she wanted me to do a baby Fair Isle sweater for M&T's upcoming baby and I said uh, I am not so good at that yet (put link), but I made something else... I made 3 dragon hats, presuming that once the baby grew out of hat #1 s/he could move on to larger sizes. Or an adult could, you know, borrow one too. Turns out the bigger 2 fit adults' heads just fine, so... Yay dragon cuteness!

After dinner we hung out in the living room talking about what to do tomorrow/playing games. Mom has now played Angry Birds-shocker!
Did I mention how freaking hot it is here? I wouldn't care except I am in pants and a long sleeved shirt for the plane and hoo boy, was I hot in that. Muggy Florida-y weather is a lot easier to take in shorts and I don't have that on now. I fear I may have totally misjudged what to pack here... I only have one pair of shorts! What if it's always like this?

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