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2020-09-08, 7:57 p.m.

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Morning work meeting:
Lioness called in sick. On a Tuesday after a three day weekend. This is not a good sign.

Penguin Girl went to LA to visit her sister and came back disturbed. She said nobody there was practicing social distancing or wearing masks AT ALL and now she gets why her sister (a) insisted that she drive down and (b) not have their parents come. Now Penguin Girl (probably the next most paranoid here after me--obviously she still leaves at times) is quarantining at home, did not go into the office (I'm not sure if anyone is going to this week, see below) and wants to go get tested again.

Oh yeah, the air quality is back to being unhealthy again and it's windy as shit outside. But not yellow here--a photo someone posted from Vacaville was straight up yellow and someone else online (unclear on their location) said they were tired of living in Mordor.

I had it confirmed that yes, I have no choice but to work during what would normally be my time off from work during the Christmas season. Which I pretty much knew because (a) due to Jewish holidays we are having a ridiculously late start this year, (b) we basically finish for the year right before Christmas, and (c) I will be forced to "come in" and deal with year-end wrapup the day after the official time off for Christmas ends (i.e. 4 day weekend). SIGH. I knew this before, which is why I took two weeks off last year, and it's not like I have literally anything else to do so I might as well work. Still sucks, though. My boss--who will also have to work for the same reason--agreed.

Grandboss is continuing to roam around from relatives to relatives.

I get to have my review on Thursday morning, which shall be the worst ever. I need to imagine just how awful it's going to be so that I won't be shocked and surprised. Definitely future pay docking (though not that we're going to get any raises even for cost of living now, mind you), hearing how awful I am all over again, and I'm sure something even worse has to be kicked in, like how soon I'll get fired. And I haven't done a single accomplishment other than getting the bare minimum done this year, not that that would matter. I could have saved the world and it wouldn't matter this year.

In person interviews for the new position ended last week and hopefully we have news next week.

I told everyone that I was having tire issues. I never did hear from SpeeDee (oh, come on, guys) but did get an email from the dealer saying "Our sensors have deduced that your tire is low. Come on down here and we'll fix it!" So I called them and they said 'just come on down, it'll be five minutes" and after my boss had to cancel our morning meeting, she ok'd me going off for an hour to deal with that. This actually went pretty well, other than walking in and the guy was all "I don't know who you talked to, but okay....?" I had to let a guy drive my car for about 30 seconds to fill the tires, which led to the pandemic dilemma of "How much should I freak out about this?" and "Do I drive home with the windows open OR is that bad because the air is unhealthy?" I ended up driving home with the AC on full blast and using a lot of hand sanitizer on the car.

I feel like I have been Quite Brave Enough for having to deal with people on Sunday and Tuesday, y'all. Now to hide in my apartment again and quarantine until I am forced out again. Hopefully I can go back to my usual schedule of not leaving for 2 weeks straight again. I'm having some kind of "throat doesn't feel quite right' going on right now so am quietly freaking about that, of course.

At the end of the meeting, my boss said, "I'm hoping for an uneventful day today." Of course not. I had a surprise Dire On Fire Emergency sprung upon me. Last week Lioness said she'd train the new girl in Thing, and apparently all they did was finish putting stuff into a spreadsheet and not actually putting anything into the computer, and then this lady was losing her mind saying IT HAS TO BE DONE TODAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. So I, having no effing clue what I am doing, attempted to follow the procedures to put things into the computer, and then the lady kept complaining that nothing worked. Turns out SHE HAD SOME OTHER LIST that was NOT the one we had, and.....grrrrrr, arghhhhhhh. There are more emergency emails I don't know how to deal with and my boss is out dealing with kid medical appointments for most of the day tomorrow. Argh.

Today's therapy:
* "I think you've done more than just that one thing, you just don't know it."
* "I think you should do it."
* And she even suggested some ah, code words (for lack of a better phrase) if I choose to discuss the topic.
* "He took your Freddie Mercury doll from a house that was about to burn down, what more do you need?" Good point. To which my answer was, "actually, I'd like to know if/when he's ever ready to be in a relationship with me" (or, I dunno, a sign or hint or ping....) and she said "I don't think you're going to get that, I don't think he's going to be putting himself out there. I think he's terrified." I said that I'm fine with initiating but I don't want to if he's not ready, hence, y'know, wanting to know. She said "Keep doing what you're doing. Keep contacting him,."
* She told me a story about another client who's been having a fuckbuddy relationship with her boss (oyyyyy) and how upon shaping up her behavior, now he wants to move in and actually call her his girlfriend. Regardless of how that guy sounds like kind of a jerkbomb, she said that her client, instead of complaining about how he boinks other women, was letting him confide in her. So she was saying, "be a woman in his life who is going to make him laugh," be a person he can confide in, and "he trusts you. That was huge." We also discussed whether or not I'd be a complete crying tackle-hugging wreck if I saw him, which frankly I think I would be. She said she thinks I have more restraint than that and actually, I think no.... so, y'know, not good.

I actually heard from Scott today--yes, he initiated, so I guess I shall not be doing it today! (Probably good because I wasn't sure what I was going to say.) Specifically, he asked Anita for a list of who donated money because he wanted to thank them. I felt embarrassed.

I heard back from the post office with a stamp on the email saying "Resolved" because they said my tracking number wasn't valid (sadly, this turned out to be valid because I had to put it in manually at the time and of course fucking typo'd) and then said to call them. Note that this was at the post office in his grandparents' town, NOT the PO where the package was lost. I tried calling anyway, but nobody answered. I decided to report it again since they have decided it's "resolved." And if I call anywhere, shouldn't it be where the package was lost, not where it was supposed to show up?

At 5 I had booked to watch a talk on Regency romance novel stuff, "Mad and Bad: Real Heroines of the Regency," (sounds like an interesting book) but my old computer, which had the Crowdcast link already open on it, decided to freeze up, crash, and then download and redownload updates for 45 minutes. After ten-ish minutes of this, I was all, "Oh, right, I have a new computer!"....which Crowdcast ALSO REFUSED TO LOAD ON. THE BRAND NEW ONE. I ended up having to watch the thing off my phone. Technology can be ridiculous. What I caught of it seemed great--they were talking about real life Regency heroines--but I couldn't concentrate between the fretting about computers.

I didn't end up going to the other knitting group because Loretta called right before it started. She is still almost as paranoid as I am, spent her travel money on a new mattress, doesn't really get why her sister bought her a fast food gift card for a place that doesn't exist in California, went to a gathering of the embroidery group and then was bothered when people decided to take their masks off and said she wasn't going to go back...and otherwise she is trying to not do stuff much. I hear ya, girl. I said we may be the last two holdouts left in the world. It's nice to talk to someone who is close on my level about these things. Like "yes, I know I'm a crazy person for not living my life and doing whatever I want, but this shit is life and death and I'd rather be paranoid than get it."

Linda sent an update on the editing (mostly done with act 1) and one scene. With...stolen video inserted into it. Seriously, when I send this out to people I am going to send it with a note of THIS WILL BE TAKEN DOWN AT ANY MINUTE PLEASE WATCH FAST. I really don't think that scene even needed it.... Anyway, it was the scene where the nobles are first robbed by Robin Hood, i.e. the scene where I am supposed to be flirting with Little John. I.... dunno, it comes off weird in the editing? Like should I still be doing it after a while....? I did kind of LOL at the scene where Robin shows Marian the horrors of the world. The slide show of horrors is...amusing. I did briefly text Scott to go "argh, she is stealing video" and he was all "smh" about that.

I finished the last episode of Umbrella Academy and crocheted some cacti and hats for the llamas.

* "Hey, wanna watch me piss in Dad's gas tank?" Your brother just came back from the dead and this is what you say, Klaus.
* "Hell yeah, I made that machine MY BITCH. Y'all need to recognize I got shit going on y'all don't even know about."
* "Luther, if you had swallowed your tongue, you wouldn't be talking, you big moron!"
* "Who are you?" "Someone who wants to kill your brother." "Well, that's understandable, Diego can be a lot to handle." "Yeah, I was talking about Five." "Him too."
* "Fifty bucks if we leave him here."
* "Did we actually succeed at something?" "Shit."

Season 2 was much better, y'all!

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