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Well, Except For Being Punched In The Mouth...

2004-09-09, 8:51 p.m.

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Much to my amazement, I did (barely) manage to swallow the halves of pills last night and this morning. I had them rolling around the back of my throat for awhile, trying to convince myself they were crumbs.

On the way to the hospital, Mom felt compelled to pick a fight with me about how I don't care enough to blow-dry my hair and make it all poofy Southern belle. She didn't like that it looked flat today. "Well, Mom, I am going TO THE HOSPITAL, where I am supposed to LIE FLAT ALL DAY and NOBODY'S GOING TO NOTICE IF MY HAIR IS POOFY!" Oddly enough, this didn't seem to make a difference with her, and we continued spatting all the way up the elevator, where I promptly told the office folks, "She picked a fight with me about my hair!"

Yesterday, one of the techs, Caroline, totally fell in love with this pendant. LOVES it. Wants one. While I was being shot up and gassed up, she was going on about how I should sell my jewelry. I tried to tell her to go to sweetdisorder, but next time I go in I think I'll just write down the URL for her. Oh, and I have to bring samples next time I'm in. Hee.

The doctor came in at some point, and I guess I just winked out. Woke up with a full mouth and bladder (so much for going 12 hours without liquid and hitting the can before I left), and had to be escorted to the Comfy Recovery Chair, the Comfy Porcelain Chair, and the wheelchair out to the van, where I dozed while Mom picked up prescriptions.

I spent most of the day not asleep, yay. Had to repack my mouth with gauze every 20 minutes, which wasn't too bad (hell, I'm still more understandable than Dad), and every 20 I had to flip sides with the ice pack. I mostly spent the day reading The Probable Future, which was excellent.

I really miss crunchy food. There's croutons and crackers and dip and all kinds of good shit around here, and I can't fucking eat it and I REALLY WANT CRUNCHY. What did I eat today? Six tins of Yoplait (at least that whipped stuff is good, but does that satisfy hunger? Um, no) and chicken noodle soup.

I sneezed while eating tonight, which made the bleeding start up again and made me start freaking that I was going to end up with dry socket. Coincidentally, the doctor called me up about a half hour later and said not to worry about it. Alas, I have to wait a few days for mushy food and on Sunday, say, I can eat "really hard core mashed potatoes." Bleah. Not that I can really argue with the fact that my mouth isn't exactly opening wider than about half an inch, and I had to request the wittle bitty spoon for the yogurt.

But my face has almost all feel back in it, either my face hasn't stopped swelling yet or it's already too fat to be able to tell so I look normal, and except for feeling punched in the face on both sides, I don't feel too bad.

Am definitely wondering what the hell I'll do when back at Jess's though if I'm REALLY NOT ALLOWED to eat solid food for a full-on week. I hate to make people have to deal with me eating special crap different from everyone else at meals (hell, I ate in the computer room tonight because looking at all the crackers and croutons is Not Helping), not to mention what am I going to be able to buy during lunchtime at work? Sometimes there's soup, but not reliably during the summer. I guess I'll have to eat Haagen-Daaz (yes, that's sold there) for lunch. I know, you're all weeping for my hardship.

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