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2012-09-09, 2:03 p.m.


Vacation entry #2: This is from 9/9/12, Boston:

Today I wore my one pair of shorts...and it is not hot. I do not get the weather here.

We all went into Boston for the day, which was exciting. I don't think I'd want to drive here-- (a) Massholes speeding and cutting people off on very narrow roads and (b) confusing ton of roads-- but otherwise I liked the place and felt safe walking around it, which is not something I can say about most cities. And somehow I did not see a single homeless person out on the streets. I don't even know how that's possible.

We went on a Boston Duck Tour (the “duck” is a weird car-boat thing that also goes out into the water), which turned out to be a great idea to get to see a large chunk of town and river on a one-day excursion. They seem to like to have Wacky Tour Guides. Ours was “Jigsaw the Puzzle Guy.” I also saw a guy in a black kilt and the back of his black leather vest said “Mac McQuack.” I love that one. I didn't really get good pics of the ride though since I wasn't seated well for it. Oh well. The guide kept razzing Mom and Selina for being chatty on the bus-- Mom yelling out that she was from California and Selina saying she had English relatives. I stayed quiet!

Dunkin' Donuts are everywhere here-possibly worse than the number of Starbucks in CA, and that's saying something. I counted 8 just while on the duck tour.

After that, we went to see the Mapparium. This is a giant walk-through glass globe of the world made in the 1930's. The Christian Science Center owns it. It's the shortest tour I've ever been on-maybe 10 minutes at the most. Cool sight though. I admire the art.

After that, we briefly wandered through the mall area, then went to L.L. Bean in another town. I ended up getting a wheelie backpack on sale. No idea how I'm gonna get it home though. Ugh.

For dinner we went to Legal Seafood, which has a good reputation for having award-winning clam chowder. (Note: there is a Chowdafest event in the area that Matt said he'd gone to and it was terrible-because they don't allow winners to keep competing, now they're just down to the worst contestants.) I think it had a certain unusual kick I've never tasted before, but I think I still prefer the butteriness of Splash Cafe's in SLO.

And after that, we all went back home and Matt and Tricia and I were doing crossword puzzles together. Takes three to complete one, apparently!

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