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2013-09-09, 10:25 a.m.

I just heard the best asking someone out story this morning. There's this lady I run into sometimes on the way to work and we've been chatting. I was telling her about the stuff I'm putting down below, and then she told me about how she moved here in her 30's and thought she'd never meet anyone, but met her future husband at work and they got friendly. A few years later, he was leaving the job and she asked him out--I believe this part was on a dare--- and to quote her, "I TP'd his bike and left him a note!" Yup, you read that right. I asked how he took the bike TP'ing and she said pretty well, he'd had no idea she liked him like that. She said the basis of their relationship was stupid things like that. THAT'S ADORABLE.

Anyway, I just wanted to immortalize that for the future.

My weekend went all right. After briefly attending the CC end of quarter henna party and getting my left arm doodled on excessively, I drove to Mom's house. I am happy to report that this was completely and utterly non-crazy and non-eventful and I made it there safely without any weird shit or car breakdowns. HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ditto driving home, for that matter, but I'll get to that later.

I spent Saturday in SF with Jackie trying out yet another tea house. On the one hand: they did good salad, good tea, and great scones. On the other hand, the sandwiches were so-so, they only gave you one flavor of each sandwich for 2 and one pot of tea for two people (and this was on the most expensive tea service option) and the trifle tasted like vomit. Oy. So....plusses and minuses there. That night, Mom and her English friends with the cute doggie and I went to see Legally Blonde: The Musical. As you might recall, I recently saw the movies, so here's my thoughts on the musical:

There are some things that are actually improved that I liked:
* The bunny costume is now Gloria Steinem doing her Playboy Bunny investigation--score!
* Paulette makes her dog a chocolate-free birthday cake--I like that they actually pointed that out.
* Elle and Emmett actually get to have a relationship build up and they get to hang out before the court case starts.
* As a staging thing, I did like how they were re-enacting Brooke's workout video (and threw in a bit about strangling someone with a rope for self-defense, even though as far as I recall, the husband still got shot) on stage and then transitioned it into a prison which they are working out.
* Emmett's makoever scene, which still points out that he's a good egg.
* "Gay or European?" actually works quite well, plus drops the shoes remark for more bend n' snap, which makes more sense.
* Elle gets to slap the professor and Vivian sees that.
* Warner drops out of law school to become a male model--pretty funny. I'm happy with that or the movie ending, really.
* As was pointed out here, having Emmett go along to pick up Rufus the dog is better law.
* At one point, Elle considers *gasp* going brunette. I think that's a reasonable thing to consider, under the circumstances.
* Elle's sorority friends come off as less idiotic, even if most of their existence in the show isn't real (see below).
* They actually say "Legally Blonde" in the play.

Things that....are not so fabulous.
* I liked how Warner and Vivian (Vivienne?) were engaged by the time they got to law school--it was more of a whammy on Elle. Putting the engagement later in the
* Somehow 2 years later, Paulette is pregnant with kid #3?!? Three? Did she have twins incredibly quickly or something? There's already the Babies Ever After ending in the movie without making it sound like things moved way too fast there.
* Right-o, it's totally easy to bust into Harvard right during YOUR evaluation with a cheerleading squad and marching band. I would have rather they re-enacted a crazy video like they did for Brooke in Act 2. It made Elle's admission seem ah....less plausible than the movie.
* Why was Elle's score lowered from 179 to 175? Plausibility?
* Greek Chorus...on the one hand, nice pun, gives the sorority girls more to do. On the other then Paulette suddenly sees them, what?
* On the one hand: suddenly moving the entire case to the shower and having Enid get a perm to demonstrate the hair-wetting is totally fake-o bad. On the other hand...I can't help but be amused at the perm wig, and Elle comes off as more authoritative in that scene than she did in the movie. Plusses and minuses?
* Sometimes the dance numbers were....kinda random and weird, particularly at the end.

I really liked the actress who played Elle--she did it differently but made it her own. The folks around me kept making comments about the guy playing Warner, but he's supposed to come off like that! I was amused at how he starts out dressing as a LA lounge lizard and then in Boston starts going around in cardigans and gradually losing his swagger throughout the show.

A note on the dogs: A few days before the show started, the newsletter put out an e-mail saying that they needed a new Rufus. Happily, they found one the next day. Rufus cracked people the hell up--he was this bulldog who did this dragging crawling walk across the stage in both of his scenes, and the audience was cracking up. I talked to the lady who runs the show before the show started and she said they'd gone through four dogs (note: I'm not sure if she meant for Brusier or Rufus) because owners were flaking out or dogs were bailing out. I couldn't help but notice that Bruiser is barely in the show at all--even compared to Rufus. I wonder how that dog was doing...or why they didn't just use stuffed dogs, I guess? You could for Bruiser, at least, he's a purse dog anyway. was an all right show. Some things improve and some don't.

I mentioned before that Mom was seeing her doofus ex this weekend. Well, Saturday got canceled on, but he decided to take her to America's Cup all day and night on Sunday. This was a time where I was ESPECIALLY GLAD I HAD A CAR TODAY, because otherwise this would have been a trainwreck-y day and beats me how the hell I would have gotten home. Or worse, I would have had to go along or something, god help me. I was decidedly UNTHRILLED, however, that thanks to my mom's irritating security system, I would have to leave the house when she did or else set the thing off. So despite getting home at 12:30 that morning, I still had to be out of there and sleep-deprived and driving by 8:30. ("You can sleep in the car!" Mom said. I don't think so.) I did successfully drive home...and then went back to bed at 10 a.m. And felt pretty sluggish the rest of the day, actually.

Mom called me before 9 p.m. to tell me about the date. She enjoyed the America's Cup, but...I think we can definitively say that she has gone off this dude. She's still bitching that he doesn't dress up enough, she now thinks he's not as cute as she used to think he was (I never thought he was cute!), he was clearly looking for A Booty Call and she wasn't gonna let him inside the house and claimed she had to go call me by 9...meanwhile he's telling her how "special" she is and how he loves her.... DAYUM, DUDE. Oh yeah, and he wants to visit next year. Mom wants to make sure she's on vacation next time this happens. Hah. Well, good for her for getting over this one.

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