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2020-09-09, 7:57 p.m.

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The sky outside is yellow today. And yet Lawn Guys are still working. It was actually dark in my apartment this morning. Jackie texted to complain that it looked like hell outside and was dark in her place and I was all, me too. And yet, weirdly enough, air quality was moderate. Meanwhile it is straight up orange and dark in SF. My boss had to drive to Walnut Creek today--boy, did neither she nor her kid wanna go to that appointment--and I'm amused that she took a photo on the freeway (or her kid did, I guess) of how yellow it was.

Nothing else to say about work today, yay, other than getting my boss to help with a lot of weird questions and Grandboss actually got someone to fix something, so yay.

Lioness is still out sick.

After three days of book quarantine, I finally can start the new October Daye book! Started reading it while walking around the house. Mom also ordered that lap desk and it showed up tonight. I was weirded out to hear a knock on my door circa 9:15 p.m. (and then no one was there), but then she emailed me to ask if it showed up and I was all ohhhhh, that's what it was.

Arne and Carlos started a new podcast. "I say a lot of stupid things." -Arne.

Looking at the "family" (such as it is) Disney Plus profile pics:
* Mom is Vannelope
* I'm Rapunzel (of course)
* Roger is Simba
* Evan is Snow White's Prince (I think).
I'm wondering about all of our choices now....

I have about finished the commissioned llama, done in shades of purple as requested. I ended up making my own pompoms, which are pretty sketchy, but hey, at least I didn't have to physically go into a Joann's just to buy pompoms.

Heard back from the post office (same lady in Fairfield again): "Your inquired item with tracking number (redacted) has not been transferred to the Postal Service. The Postal tracking number you provided does not have any tracking history or manifest information. Please notify the sender to further research the package processing with the mail service provider." So it's lost, then?

In other news from my email, various theater organization is trying to have children's events in person, and a store in Old Sac is going to have live music outside! Uh....with the air right now?

I signed up to take a satire writing class this month, which started tonight. I don't feel like turning my notes into an entire journal entry at the moment, but the homework is to write 10 possible titles for satire articles and find some satire articles to share with the class. Mostly it was just brainstorm night.
We're going to specifically write lists the first 2 weeks. Later, character monologues.

So far I do not have great ideas, which I will not repeat here.

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