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End Of The Show.

2010-09-10, 7:30 p.m.

Well, my show is over. Sigh. It was marvelous while it lasted. I got a lot of compliments both from folks who saw it in person and those who saw it online. I hated to take it down, but happily a friend volunteered to help me pick it up, so it was less sad.

Also less sad was that I took it down during the tail end of the CC party, which was already fairly wacky. We had a random band show up and start playing outside (you should have seen the bass, it was made out of a crutch!), and one guy brought in (a) shredded squid, and (b) durian for taste testing.

For the record:
(a) Shredded squid isn't all that fishy smelling, and is pretty much seafood jerky.
(b) Durian is less stanktastic if it's frozen. It still smells like coconut and poop up close, though.
(c) Durian tastes like garlic banana paste. I do not recommend eating it except to say that you've tried eating it.

In other news... the doctor thought she saw something on Mom's esophagus and said tests must be done.

OH DEAR GOD PLEASE LET IT NOT BE CANCER. I cannot deal with being a caregiver.

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