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2012--09-10, 8:43 a.m.


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I had a busy but unexciting to write about day yesterday. Did errands, hung out with the cat, knitted, Mom came over, I picked up L at the airport--she saw the northern lights, but Iceland is not her favorite vacation spot ever. So I'm going to post a vacation entry this morning and hope I have something to talk about for tomorrow's entry.

(Note: Salem photos in my online album start here.)

We went to Salem with Matt and Tricia today. It was awesome. Mostly skipped the various witch museums (went in one, M&T have been in a bunch and said they got repetitive) and looked in the nifty stores. They had the best comic book store I've ever seen, with great Doctor Who merchandise like Lego-ish toys, an Adipose ($40!) and an Adipose floaty pen that was a bitch to photograph ($14). I restrained myself, barely.

There was a "Witch City” thrift store with weird stuff. Alas, the bookstore was closed, but looked to be an even bigger mess inside than the Almost Perfect Bookstore in Roseville. And there were cheesy souvenir shops and witchcraft shops, which I had a lot of fun in. Bought a book, postcards and got 2 shirts. One says, “Someone I know went to Salem, Massachusetts and all I got was this lousy obscenely rich and amazingly beautiful spell cast on me,” and the other is a “Salem Witchcraft” Starbucks spoof logo. I could have spent more time there...

Other fun stuff: store signs, the shirts, the cat, and well, stuff like this.

But we wanted to go beachcombing in Gloucester, so we left. It was a very nice beach, though windy. We got the most shells EVER.

(Beach photos in the album start here.)

We stopped at a candy store on the way back. That night we left Bill and Selina's to go to M&T's place in western Massachusetts for a few days. Their house is really cute with dragon decor, cats (okay, that was a fakeout, here's the cat pic), and a neat attic guest room/office and game room basement.

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