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Improv Lab 3 and Improv Jam

2015-09-10, 9:01 p.m.

I’m just gonna combine Wednesday and Thursday together...

As per my usual of finally having free time/no free theater show pass any more in between classes, I went back to Improv Lab again, where I met some really entertaining ladies talking about their dating lives. One of them is very blunt about what she’s interested in in men and then they bail, and another one is apparently dating two men and two women all at the same time. I was really impressed by her. And there was one dude who was new who...well, clearly the dude must have been on something before he arrived because he had sunglasses on for half the class (this is an issue when everything we’re doing requires eye contact) and was kinda slow on the uptake. We played some game in which we had to make up rhyming lyrics (god, I need to work on this before musical improv starts) and every time we got to him, he really didn’t get where that was going. Later on in the night we were playing a game called “Movies” in which we made up movie plots, and when we were doing a missing persons movie scene at a police station, the instructor was all “Mike’s in vice, he’s really gotten into the role...” I kept hiding behind a curtain and when I finally emerged, I was all “Well, there’s a new Starbucks down the street...” We also did an evil tea party scene and Mike did a surprisingly good job as a zombie. Who knew!

There were also a few games of “Pass the Face” and “Pass the Character” (i.e. phyical Telephone), and Lassie Charades. Whoever had to play Lassie would have whatever she had to act out determined by whoever wasn’t in the scene, so some folks had to act out “Timmy got abducted by aliens” (that went really well), “Timmy got abducted by the Cookie Monster” (not so well), and “Timmy got hit by a meteor.”

I went to Cage Match and Improv Jam the next night. I didn’t take notes on Cage Match, but I was amused at how there was one team of two vs. one team of 7 or 8. The bigger team is on a streak right now.

As for Improv Jam, the monologues for the group I was in that night involved monologues about swearing, so I had some fun with that. The first scene was a parent teacher conference in which it became clear that the kid was learning all the bad words from Mom. Then I hopped into another scene as the kid, making farty noises while saying swear words because I got told to camuoflage what I was doing. I also asked the other kid (Greg from Improv 201) about what words he was allowed to say and he had a great bit about how he was only allowed to use swear words from the first six letters of the alphabet. Then later the mom hopped back in with more swearing. I had a good time

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