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Planning Carpools Sucks

2019-09-10, 10:38 p.m.

Monday: Not much happened today other than I found another heart--one of those quilted ones. A green one with a lot of hearts on it.


I realized today that I have like, four/five different group field trip-type things I have to plan, four of which are this month and I should get on it before I go on vacation. What a pain. I did figure out this weekend’s carpool to the Woodland show on Saturday, so that’s easy and done with. Haven’t heard from old boss about Legoland yet but at least I sent the email. Little Shop of Horrors SEEMED decided, as I got folks to agree to a night, and then was told that Blonde Sarah is interested in going, so now I’m waiting on that one. She may have to or want to drive herself since she’s closer to that theater than the rest of us are and assuming all four others go, my car is full. And then there’s the Renaissance Faire planning, which has some other issues going on like “is Laurel still out of town that weekend or not,” “will Valentin want to go if Laurel isn’t there,” “who the heck knows with Cameron” and “tech week for the play I’m not in starts that Sunday.” And see below for the other issue.

I wish folks would freaking respond to shit if they’re interested. I get better results if I ask in person, but I’m just not seeing too many of them live right now and that makes it harder.

Today’s therapy call: I sent a costume photo to my shrink for funsies and apparently she showed this to her husband, being all, “She doesn’t usually look like this. It’s the first time I’ve seen her without any tie-dye on. This is the drabbest I have ever seen you look.” Lord, ain’t that the truth.

Before I even got to that part: “If you tell me he dressed up as Remington Steele, I will barf.” Um, no. She had some interesting commentary on choices of costuming, I’ll put it that way. I thought it was all dead on.

She thinks he probably has some affinity for me because his parents are craftspeople even if he’s not (as far as I can guess on that because it doesn’t sound like he is). She also said that what are the odds I meet someone who I’d be into, who’s in theater, craft business is involved, also an only child.... it defies the odds. I agree.

I sent her pictures of the various heart/license plate objects I’ve been finding lately and she said she’s been finding bee/honeycomb things a lot lately herself.

My main question of the day was, “So whenever I mention the Renfaire in general, Scott mentions that he’s been to one once and that’s it. I have no idea if he’s into this idea or hated it or what. If he’s said this before, is that a hint that he wants to be invited or something?” Her response was “In a way, it’s insulting not to ask him,” and “Do I have to take a fucking bat and hit you over the head?” So uh....yeah....

As for karaoke: never heard from anyone over text if they were going to go or not, so I ended up going alone for the first hour and hanging out with (Karaoke) Jim and the family. I love how the karaoke folks are so nice that even if my friends don’t show, they are my friends and have me over. Jim now has his own microphone as a gift from Pyrate and walked in holding it like it was a major award. He also asked me about theater auditions and I told him that Coney Island ones start Friday, so he’s interested. He also wants Ashley to do it, but she says no. We shall see. Later after everyone else rolled in from rehearsal (plus Redhead Sarah, everyone showed around 9ish) Jim had us all join in on “California Dreamin’” and as he’s mentioned as an idea to me before, actually took off his long sleeved black buttondown shirt to reveal a tie-dye one underneath. I approved.

There is one long table that has formed in the back of late, featuring the bar owner (who had on a Trump hat last week, which my table was quietly muttering about) and a lot of the karaoke people. Jim said he was invited over there last week and said it was like Game of Thrones and sitting with the Targaryens. I said I am fine sitting over here, thanks.

Pyrate announced that he has a new Wednesday gig from 5-9 at a bar in Vacaville, and I asked folks if they were interested, and they all generally seemed to be at the time. I’m free tomorrow so I am going to go.

I asked Scott what he knew about others’ possible Renaissance Faire conflict issues (Laurel is likely gone, tech week starts that Sunday but not until 5) and finally, “do you want in or not?” Answer: maybe. I did end up giving him the extra Remington Steele season 4/5 DVD, so there’s that. He left after an hour because he was passing out on the table (he had filming all day + rehearsal).

Sarah announced that she’s a natural blonde and wants to dye her hair blonde again tomorrow. I then asked how we’d distinguish her from (other) Blonde Sarah and she declared that she’d want to be “Grownup Sarah.” After Scott left, I told her about all the signs I’ve been seeing lately (but uh, not mentioning who I think they’re all about) and she was happy for me. We discussed being natural chaos magnets for stuff like that.

I got told “You’re a rockstar” and “I love your spirit, I love your clothes too!” (that one by Matthew’s mom). So, yay. I did “Dance Floor Anthem” which sadly went terribly, “Cruel Summer” (okay) and “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues,” which went surprisingly well, go figure.

After I got home, I emailed everyone about the Renaissance Faire and the only response I got was from Valentin saying he was going to Casa de Fruta this weekend (no word on the Folsom faire I was asking about). Good for him. Anyway, I have decided that if nobody’s gonna respond to shit, most of them aren’t around in person right now and I’m guessing certain ones won’t go unless others say they’ll go first, FUCK IT. (Also the Little Shop planning trip is getting on my nerves at the moment.)

I’m planning on going alone to all the faires and if I don’t hear from anyone, they shall not be factored into my life plans. Y’all can use your words if you want to and I’m not gonna nag anyone any more on shit that hasn’t even gotten started really like this one has. I said in the email that if I don’t hear back, I will bother you no more, so there. Also, now I am tired of planning shit with others, so really fuck it.

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