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2020-09-10, 8:01 p.m.

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I got the worst review of my life. All F's. I didn't do anything that wasn't wrong this year. She kept it short because what else can be said at this point. I am literally the worst ever. I just endured the day waiting for 5 p.m. and alcohol. One more day of the week to go.

Then I ate, then I drank, then I finished reading A Killing Frost while drinking in bed. I am still exhausted and only got out of bed to do my so I don't break the streak. But I just don't feel like saying much today.

Meg said that all of her evacuees have gone home, BUT her daughter Sarah had a stroke and they have now flown cross country to be with her. Oh my god. I hope they got her to the hospital quick enough for her to be able to recover fully. She's only a year or two older than I am.

This tarot reading is extremely spot on with a slow romantic interest working their way up to it. I find it funny how many times marriage things come up in my tarot readings. (Though sometimes they mention children and I am all "Unless that's pets, no.")

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