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2012-09-11, 8:33 a.m.

I'm going back to posting vacation entries, since I didn't finish that during Holidailies.

(Butterfly album pics start here.)

Matt had to work today, so Tricia took us around after dropping him off. We went to Magic Wings, the butterfly garden that M&T got married at. (Note to people: it's a great place to get married at during a blizzard-80 degrees inside.) It was very cool. They had birds and lizards in there too with baby quails roaming the floor.

I used to have a phobia about butterfly gardens because the first time I went in one (at Six Flags, formerly Marine World), a butterfly flew under my foot as I was about to put my foot down. I nearly crushed it and I refused to go into the butterfly garden for years. Very eventually I sucked it up and went in Butterfly World again, where (a) I WAS VERY CAREFUL ABOUT MY FEET, and (b) a volunteer told me, Eh, they die all the time. But that said, I still get a little freaked out about butterflies dive-bombing past my head, and seeing butterflies land on the ground and stay there. And I kinda hope they don't land on me so much.

So I took a lot of pictures--some butterflies were great about staying still fake snow.... damn. And art cows.

(Northampton pics start here.)

Then we went to Northampton, obviously a college town when I saw a hippie store, very similar to the one I saw in Tempe, Arizona. We went in a Random Neat Stuff area (Thorne's). And look at the outside of Urban Outfitters. Then we picked up Matt and went into his office to see some of the animations he works on. (He does animation for museum exhibits.)
We went home, had dinner, and played Pandemic, a game where everyone teams up to try to cure 4 plagues before they kill everyone. Cool game, felt like I was in a Mira Grant book.

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