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If You've Got It, Flaunt It

2019-09-11, 10:43 p.m.

Hamster Girl has lost yet another hamster! This one, #3, the favorite of the bunch, had a sad death in that she tried to burrow under the poop tray, got stuck and died, and the 4-year-old found the body. She is sad. Hamster Girl wrote a bad review of the poop tray. They have since bought a fourth hamster, one that’s larger and looks different from the last three. I suggested maybe getting a larger, more long lived rodent, but she doesn’t like the other sorts and doesn’t feel ready for a dog, so I guess the saga goes on. Amusingly, I saw a license plate that said HAMSTUR tonight, but could not photograph it for proof.

I got told my office is “homey” today. That’s nice.

Pyrate Matthew has gotten another karaoke gig at a bar/restaurant in Vacaville from 5-9, so some of us figured we’d go out and support him. I attempted to round up folks but only Redhead Sarah showed up. She did try to dye her hair blonde today, but it still looked fairly well reddish. After we established it was more Nancy Drew “titian” red, she was happy with that. In the meantime, I shall still call her Redhead Sarah when I need to distinguish between Sarahs. Most of the regulars at the other bar came and that was great, so I had folks to hang out with before Sarah arrived. I even saw Stephanie, who I have missed but hasn’t been around for a while.

Since we didn’t have a whole lot of dudes around, I declared it “Britney Bitch” night and did three Britney’s in a row: Womanizer, Circus (I loved that one) and Baby, One More Time. Stephanie had me, Sarah and Ashley join her on “Shut Up And Dance,” which was amazing. I finished out the night belting out “Tainted Love,” and it turns out I can really belt that one.

I asked Sarah about the director of Coney Island Christmas and she said she really liked her and that the lady is firm but not mean. And also, as it turns out, a hippie sort who does angel uh...stuff, or did in the past apparently when I Googled for that. So I hope we hit it off on Friday and that I didn’t like, cheese her off back during TnT with the seating arrangements.

Sarah’s best number of the night was her favorite song, “If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It,” which she danced to and it was great. Doris said “You and Sarah are entertainers.” I also got complimented for my energy and dancing and was told I was amazing, so that rocked. It was a pretty good night for me. One guy took advantage of the wireless mike and circled the bar while singing. He said he couldn’t sing but did awesomely. Jim rocked “The Great Pretender” when he dropped in.

I may have been grumpy upon arrival, but it was a good night in the end!

I talked to Mom when I got home. There is slight trouble in paradise, as Roger is acting slightly “different” (didn’t invite her to go to pickleball when he invites others to it) and she didn’t say it outright, but I know where it was going: that fear of what I call The Snap, in which a dude suddenly stops liking you and then dumps you within 24 hours. I hope this doesn’t happen to her. Also her gardener is straight up coming on to her, so she told him she has a boyfriend. Oy, poor girl.

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