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The Greatest Showman

2020-09-11, 8:06 p.m.

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Today wasn't heinous at work. Got through some stuff, at least. Didn't end the day totally fried. Had enough energy to walk around after work. Actually managed to solve a couple of problems, mostly in one case. I also found out I did something else bad, which I had to talk to my boss about. More specifically, someone got left off a list and I am not permitted to just add them back on. The thing is, I have problems with this list every season and I proofread it VERY CAREFULLY AND TEDIOUSLY LIKE THREE TIMES APIECE and I was sure everyone was on it. I even looked at my proofreading spreadsheet and showed it to my boss--yeah, it was literally checked twice there like Santa Claus. But it magically disappeared somehow out of our shitty computer system? Ughhhhhh. Though my boss got right on looking into a better way to proofread this shit, so huzzah.

Lioness was out all week, though management thinks she's coming back Monday. I....have no idea, depends on what went wrong? Is she caregiving? Was some other drama going on? Does she have the virus?

Toward the end of the workday, I got a very unexpected, pleasant surprise. As of Wednesday, I heard from the post office in Fairfield that the package was gone, but today I got texts that the package has shown up there! And should be delivered by tomorrow night! Awesome! Praying to St. Anthony REALLY came through! That's amazing, especially after last I heard it was totally lost. It's a good thing I didn't get on the stick about complaining to Barnes and Noble (I was busy during their complaint hours so far this week).

Note to self: text him tonight, look unsuspicious later ;) Okay, so I figure it's highly likely he figures out it's me, but even if he doesn't, he got something nice...that hopefully he didn't rebuy in the last three weeks or whatever. I don't care if he figures it out or not, really, happy to be anonymous if I can (actually) swing it.

Okay, so I tried, he didn't have much to say and truth be told, I didn't much either. Why bother. Well, at least he's not having any other bad shit go down.

I highly recommend watching both the original video and this Behind The Song. Jeremy Jordan is a fucking amazing singer. "You know, I'm just gonna go out there and be a complete fool."

I am pleased that my county has a solid voting plan and will have dropoff boxes for ballots this year. Good job on voting, county.

I finished the drama llamas, both the commissioned one (purple) and mine (sherbet rainbow).

Because I have nothing else to do with my life, I'm watching Disney + and The Greatest Showman. I've definitely listened to certain songs off the soundtrack a lot (and performed to one) but eh, might as well see the whole thing sometime, right?

I admit I was pretty bored-ish for the first 25 minutes or so of this show while waiting for the circus stuff to start. Barnum is a poor kid with a rich childhood crush, they get married, have two kids, traditional job isn't his thing, he starts a museum of curiosities, he starts a circus.

Then the music got a lot snappier on "Come Alive," which helped a lot. ("A Million Dreams" is lovely, but doesn't sound that great when sung by kids, just saying. It needs more power.)

They really just didn't introduce Zac Efron's character much at all before their duet, did they? I'm just kinda like, who's this dude and why are you soliciting him? That said, I really do like that song ("The Other Side") and their duet is hot.

Is 10% a really good negotiation? "What I have is an overcompensated apprentice."

Okay, so "love at first sight as she's flying on a trapeze" is a pretty cool and baller move.

"Well, you're not exactly reaching the top shelf yourself, sweetheart." That 's also a damn baller move to say to Queen V.

Much like Zac Efron's character (Phillip?)'s introduction, we're already at him trying to sneak holding hands with Zendaya. Where's the buildup?

So basically he's kinda social climbing and won't let his freaks join the party? Seriously, that would be a much more fun party if you let everyone hang out and and get three sheets to the wind before the show.... okay, maybe that last bit isn't the best idea.

"This Is Me" (the one I did the dance number to) is still awesome.

Bearded lady has the best dresses. Also love Zendaya's pink hair.

The third song I love in this: "Rewrite the Stars."

I have no idea whenever Phillip was learning trapeze stuff, but it's also hot.

"You don't need everyone to love you, Phin. Just a few good people." Welp, that might sum up the show right there.

I have no recollection of this song by the wife. It's very quiet for this movie.

FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the bearded lady brawl!

....Yeah, I didn't know there was a fire in this.

Seriously, the bearded lady is the best.

We have no money but we can totally afford a bar song!

Okay, I like "The Greatest Show" too, even if it's a bit slow.

Wait, his daughter is playing a tree in the ballet?!

So....that's the movie. Well, the music's nice at least. Plot's a little quick and shallow. It's a tight 90 minutes and could have used 2 hours. Huh.

Then I finished the night by watching a dog get blow-dried up its butt. Classy!

I miss having an actual life.

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