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2012-09-12, 6:45 p.m.


Another past vacation entry:

(Pics for today start here.)

Matt and Tricia were both off work today. We watched Matt walk the cat, then went out to breakfast and picked up some cheese and candy during the day, but mostly we did geocaching, which they do but we hadn't done before. It was fun. We found 2: one across the street from an old cemetery, and one up a long path hidden within a clump of trees (I spotted that one). I decided to sign up for geocaching and download the app-- gives me something to do for driving practice.

We also wandered through the old cemetery-1800's deaths-which was very odd. Some were leaning over or dug into the ground, Haunted Mansion style. A fair chunk of them had broken in two or three places (how?!), some had been patched back together (!!!). One had a HOLE through it! I really wonder how that happened. Someone shot it? I also thought it was kind of sad to see the women. Usually the tombstones said something like “Sarah L., wife of Levi Strauss.” Not even a maiden name, just property of a man.

We also went to a country store. Very country.

That night Mom and Tricia showed each other endless pictures and Matt and I played on the Wii-DDR (which I was not terribly good at) and the sports game-tried swordplay, frisbee golf, and canoeing. Wasn't terribly good at those either! I had done bowling before and really liked it, and we did it a lot here. Very, very eventually (i.e. after they ran out of photos) I finally got Mom to play the Wii. I think since she bought one 2 years ago and never touched it, she might as well TRY one. She loved the bowling.

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