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Renaissance Faire The Second

2014-09-13, 10:03 p.m.

I ended up going to the Renaissance Faire with Angelica this year. She came along with us to see Catch Me If You Can back in August (don't think I got around to writing that up) and to the Scottish Games. I didn't think Dawn was going to be up for going (though she might be? need to check back at the end of the season), and Angelica wanted to go, so that sounded good to me. I went to Mom's house and then went out to Angelica's (about a half hour away), so the drive that far down was a lot shorter that way.

I had on my Renaissance costume--I've got two long skirts, a blousy (albeit tie-dyed, so not to period) top, and now I had a bodice to go with it. Angelica wore her kilt from the Games and a Captain Jack Sparrow shirt, which I thought was highly appropriate and I said there had to be a CJS showing up at this thing. (There was!) She wanted to get an outfit, so I took her to my favorite booth and she got a long red dress and a black bodice of her own. I got a purple overskirt at that booth, restraining myself from getting another bodice at this point.

I ran into someone I knew--this year it was Jeff, who now works at the Faire and I spotted him out front. We hugged and talked for a bit, and he tried to talk in ye olde medieval Englishe, which is freaking hard. Good to know he's doing well.

We saw several shows--the goofy "Manly Men In Tights" and "Suspended Reality" (girl hangs from ribbons/hoop and performs, other folks uh, kinda hang around) from last time. New to me was "The Shelby Show," which was in the bar area and featured whip tricks and a lot of jokes about Shelby dating crazy women. (I still haven't made it to the improvised Shakespeare show really yet, of these years.) And we enjoyed watching Tempest play at the close of faire and seeing people dance around in outfits. (My outfit wasn't terribly great for dancing though, between the long skirt and the bodice pain was kicking in. My waist hurt for two days after that.)

And finally, we saw the "Broon" show, which featured a bit of fire eating and other physical tricks and a whole lotta snark and funny. There was a sign language interpreter working some of the shows and this was the one we caught with her. She had on, no joke, a Renaissance cow costume.Which is to say, it was a normal Renaissance milkmaid-y outfit, but the white skirt had black spots and she had stuffed cows tied on her waist and hanging off. And the rapport between him and her was hilarious on stage. Think of watching a comedian...and then having someone acting out what he did with hand gestures a few feet away. Boy, did it work. It was great. He made comments about her cow costume, he drank beer on stage and then she drank beer... It made me want an interpreter at everything! (Heh, see my next entry.)

Angelica and I hit it off in general--we related talking about exes, not dating anybody, not ever planning on getting married and not being into babies.... Yes, hanging out more often would be good. (I should say that even though I am writing this entry a week late and posting it, she gave me some Hawaiian jewelry for vacation. Very exciting.) When we got back to her place, I had somehow managed to leave my lights on all day and blow the battery. Her stepdad was very nice about wandering around the neighborhood until they found someone with jumper cables, and hooking up my car to his for a jump. WHEW. Very nice people.

So, it was a good day! I want to do it again sometime.

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