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Word of Mouth and MisCast

2020-09-13, 10:34 p.m.

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Cast list as of November 2019

Today I dreamed about raising kittens and going out to eat in a cafe with friends. I ordered a cheese plate and then a BLT. It was amazing. Tasted so good. Such ordinary past life dreams. Stayed in bed till noon again. Walked around the house for 90 minutes again. I give myself bonus points for this activity.

Is it a hint from the universe that I was reading Seanan McGuire's Twitter feed (seriously, Tinkerbell the cat is so cute) and found a post about someone named Scott having to escape from a fire and how he needs a new guitar?

Butt stuff from yesterday continues.

I got back onto my computer ass enough to go to the Delta Wordweavers storytelling Zoom meeting this afternoon (disclaimer: I know a few folks, I went over there in person once). It was all animal fables today, which in all honesty is not my favorite thing ever, so I didn't really take notes about any. I will note that Linda was singing a song about waltzing with bears while waving a bear puppet around, so there's a thing. Then she busted out a turtle puppet and sang "You Can't Make A Turtle Come Out." Honestly, I was just not feeling it. I am not a fan of animal fable stories and they all feel the same most of the time. And then I got "the host would like you to unmute your mic," and when I declined, sent it three more times. Fuck no, I'm out. I don't think I'm gonna go back to this one. Stop making me speak.

Later, I got an invite to Bucks County storytelling, "Word of Mouth Live!" featuring my beloved Cyndi Freeman. First off was Ophira Eisenberg talking about how when she was a kid she was in a terrible car accident and she got a Barbie Dream House to give her the will to live. Then the next story was a guy (Brian Finkelstein) who had a horrible time getting a kid--tons of miscarriages, adoption failures, and then they finally got a kid-"and we're in the market for a Barbie Dream House..."

Then Cyndi was up: talking about her first boyfriend, who'd had brain tumors, suddenly throwing shit fits and hallucinating all kinds of horrible things happening to him. Of course he eventually dumps her and ends up in a mental hospital. Later, her ex and his new girlfriend go to a show of hers and act predictably foul and have to be hauled out. She chooses joy and not to get into it with him. Later she "got to change the ending" when she ran into him at a reunion when he was saner and he apologized.

Next up: Jeff Rudell talked about being kicked out of home/college due to coming out and being called out in public by a professor in an art history class he tried auditing once. When she forced him to explain his story, she said, "That is the beginning of a much longer story. Let's hope it gets more interesting at some point." Sixteen years later he's telling this story about this lady to his boyfriend while in Florence and says he would never have traveled to exotic places without that experience. "I almost just cried to the world on video," he said. "Nobody's story is, things were amazing, and then I did a reset." -Ophira.

Then after that I watched MisCast, which is an amazing show of people singing songs they could never get cast in a show doing. They showed some outtakes from previous years at the start and Gavin Creel was talking about doing "Take Me or Leave Me" and how he wished he'd kissed Aaron Tveit at the end but instead just patted his butt. If we ever do this again, I'm coming for you!"

* I love their rendition of a group number (doing appropriate things at home like hair and exercising) of that "Bye Bye Birdie" song where they 're all on the phone talking about Hugo and and Kim, "The Telephone Hour." "If only they had known about Zoom," the producer guy said. And that was the cast of Hairspray doing it.

* I get SO EXCITED at sign language interpretation!

* One lady working for MCC just straight up says she's in her pajamas, she's in them all the time even on Zoom meetings. "Because let's be honest. And yes, I do show up to my Zoom meetings dressed this way, so why lie?"

* Robert Fairchild does a dance number around his apartment and then out onto the roof.

* "Pies. I've been baking pies." This guy gets a REAL intense look in his eyes before we cut to his kitchen where he does Sweeney Todd.... (Er, Mrs. Lovett, I presume, I still haven't actually seen this show. "The worst pies in London.") I like how he shot himself from a pie's eye-view.

* I like the guy (Isaac Powell) who dedicated singing "On My Own" to those of us who have been alone so long we're beginning to hallucinate. Which has totally happened, btw. Started crying on that one.

* Norbert Leo Butz, who's been on this show 5 times and tied with Kelli O'Hara (his wife? I guess? Sounds like she's there?) had a ton of outtakes before doing 'I Don't Know How To Love Him" on guitar.

Tonight the radio station in Nevada City had an hour of storytelling from the Sierra Storytelling Festival playing, so I listened to that. Most notable to me was Diane Ferlatte's story about how she and her friend went to a festival in Austria and got into a dispute with some obnoxious Germans.

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