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2003-09-14, 9:08 p.m.

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It was another major shopping weekend. Much to my surprise, Dave ended up coming for the weekend after all, and thus on the shopping trip with Mom and Dad. (I think I forgot to mention this earlier, but the trip to Apple Hill that was supposed to be this weekend got postponed for a month for lack of fun activity going on until October, hence why there was family shopping going on instead.)

I was amazed at Mom, she just kept going and going and going. We ended up going to Old Navy so I could hunt around for some new pants. I managed to actually find some low-waist cargo pants and jeans that fit, so big yay there. And uh, Mom also threw in a sweater and a sweatsuit, and a few things for Dave...whoa there. Later, she went to a Disney outlet to take back a shirt and came back with a few more items for him and me. Dang. I also got hauled around to a few places so I could get more craft fair supplies, so there's a big yay for that. Dave also bought me a cute little multitalented vacuum cleaner, since my 30-year-old one finally died.

So uh, yay for the shopping! Heck, the new clothes almost make me want there to be cold weather, and I hate cold weather.

Though annoyingly, parents are STILL asking when they'll get to see me alone. End of the month, there's another Harvest Festival, so I'll do it then, but still. Heather nailed it by saying "They like him fine, just not as your boyfriend because he takes you away from them." Oh yeah.

After all of this, when Heather got home, we got drunk, played Fluxx, and yapped till 3:30 a.m.

I've been going mad with the craft items of late. I sit around bored all day and go frantic with the jewelry making all night. Oh well, hopefully I'll make some money, and people seem to like my stuff so far.

This is going to go on my wall, whenever I get around to decorating finally. I made a smaller version of it (it's kinda chunky) for sale.

This ended up being a choker because I ran out of string; I bought more and added some beads for another necklace for sale.

This one's for sale, I dunno if anyone would want a shorter necklace that's in hot colors. It looks cool though.

I made a lot of different kinds of beads for this one. Another one for sale.

This came out a bit different than expected, but it's cool. Sale again.

I'm not sure what to do with this, exactly, a pin?

I've wanted to make some rune stones for awhile, as I really don't like the ones that I've seen on sale. Too large, too plastic, too plain. I felt they needed to be more touchable and well, in color. Themed color, even. These were quite fun. I made a set for me and a set for sale, but I need to make some kind of pouch for them too.

I haven't even gotten to making the plain old beaded stuff yet, though I've acquired a lot of beads for them. More to come...

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