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Evil Hospital People

2006-09-14, 4:06 p.m.

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The latest hospital news:

Apparently, Dad's doctor signed off on some paper that he's "stable" enough to be moved. And naturally, some vulture at the hospital was quite obnoxious about it, to the point of saying that if we didn't cooperate, he'd "pull the plug" and Mom would have to pay up for Dad from day one of the hospital stay, AND they might shove him into Porterville instead. Lovely.

At the moment, the dogs have been held off by the following: (a) Mom is cooperatively toddling off to see the Alameda hospital tomorrow, and (b) Dad is on antibiotics. And apparently you CAN'T move someone when they are on antibiotics.

I can't help but wonder why the fuck the doctor would sign off on moving him WHEN HE WAS ON ANTIBIOTICS. What logic is this?!

Apparently the care is worse at any "subacute" hospital, and guess what? If Dad gets an infection (something he hasn't gone without for very long), they will have to move him to another hospital. What on earth is the point of having a hospital where they can't treat you if you get sick? Might as well stick him in hospice/nursing home, eh?

Also lovely: every time you physically move a patient around, they get sicker.

Mom said, "They are deliberately trying to kill him off with this," and I couldn't disagree.

I wish he could just go in the hospital he's in now. That way, Mom doesn't lose all of her friends at the hospital at the most crucial moment. God knows she's closer to them than anyone else these days, and she'll be even more bereft.

She did schedule herself a shrink appointment. Since she isn't suicidal, the soonest they can get her in is...November 3. Lovely. Well, that'll probably be good timing anyway.

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