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Florida- Day Three

2008-09-15, 8:05 a.m.

Thursday night: 5 hours of sleep
Friday night: 3 hours.
Saturday: maybe 3-4
Sunday: 5 hours.
Guess how I feel?! This is crazy.

Animal Kingdom this morning. Yay, jungle! Went on the safari ride and took enough to use up my 1 GB memory card. (Yay for Mom buying herself a 4 GB that won't work in her camera by mistake and then giving it to me.) Also went on a trail walk. Saw cute meerkats, an angry gorilla (really, some kid pissed one off!), a cavy, hippos, and other animals I can't ID.

Then we saw shows: Lion King is AWESOME. Does a great job of getting the spirit of the show and doing the songs. 4 big animal floats, great costumes and singing and dancing, and acrobats that were fabulous. Very fun show. (Redeems my opinion a bit after the Beauty and the Beast show yesterday.)

The Finding Nemo show is also fantastic. It's a puppet show with the actors showing (yes, one of the Avenue Q guys was involved with this), and there were some huge ones. Mr. Ray was a big manta on top of a big tricycle, the seagull had a huge neck that he stuck in from the side. My favorite costume was Squirt, who was a chick sitting in a swing chair, her legs were dressed as the front legs, and there were little legs on the back and a head on the shell, and she got to flip in the air a lot. Crush was so big his voice actor didn't even operate him, he sits on top of Crush (behind Marlin). Great effects.
Remember how FN the movie was not a musical? The show has made up songs for it, which really fit with the show (yes, there's a soundtrack, yes, we got it). Gorgeous.

Then we saw the bird show, which was a typical bird show. Got good-ish photos.

Ate lunch at a place called the Yak and Yeti. I had to go anywhere with that name. Very good food.

Finished off the day (sadly, AK closes at 5, early compared to every other park) by doing the Maharajah Jungle Trek (which was eh...all the tigers were hiding), and saw the parade before the park closed.

I am wearing my Happy Bunny "I'm not spoiled, I deserve all my stuff" shirt. THREE staff members liked it- one of them has a mom who bought her one. I find this amusing.

Am writing this while hanging out on the beach in front of the Yacht Club, in between theme park trips (6:30 p.m.)

Later: Well, had our first Florida storm tonight. (Turned out this was also our LAST storm- it didn't rain any other time I was there! Amazing!) Very strange. While we were waiting around for the water taxi to take us over to Hollywood Studios for park late hours, we could see it blowing up elsewhere over the Beach Club, but it wasn't raining here. (In California, we'd just have rain gushing everywhere, period.) It was a HUGE lightning storm, just lighting up the clouds every few seconds. Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom. Again, nothing like CA (which might get one or two lighting strikes, once or twice a year).
It didn't rain until 9:15. We were in Muppetvision 3D (same as Disneyland), and came out and there it was. We put on our ponchos and then I felt very silly, like a walking plastic bag, until I saw other people in them. Until then, I felt like the girl who has her umbrella up when it's sprinkling and nobody else does and you're wondering how stupid you look and if it's still actually raining. We went into the animation studios section for an hour and when we came out, it had stopped. Yay.

There wasn't a whole lot open late night there that we wanted to do (the main rides open we'd either already gone on or Mom refused to go on 'em, like Star Tours or the rollercoaster, and neither of us will do Tower of Terror), and the one thing we hadn't caught previously that we wanted to see wasn't open (Walt Disney exhibit). So, bummer there. I doubt we'll go back on another day to check out one thing. (Didn't.) We basically went back to do two things- Walt and to go on Toy Story again. As for the latter, we had to wait until 10:40 for the line to get below an hour wait. (Happily, it turned out to only be a 25-minute wait.) I also improved my score from 34,000 to 50,800 on the second go, so yay! (You may find this funny, but I have NO aim when sober, so hitting anything is good for me.)

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