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Mom's Crazy Update

2011-09-15, 2:36 p.m.

More life in Arizona:

* Yes, I love the weather. Mornings where I'm just hanging out on the balcony in a skirt, with the temperature NOT being in the 50's, is great. Hell, even when it's super windy you don't really care.
* They have something called a haboob. It is very brown and strange-looking.
* There was one actual rainstorm one night, but I wasn't in it. Meanwhile I hear there was one in California very unexpectedly (see below for how I heard that).
* Everyone keeps going on about how cold it is. Hah.
* There are a lot of VERY GOOD bead stores in Arizona. Like HOLY SHIT THERE'S A LOT. I have found giant stashes of resin flower beads, something I love to work in and pretty much haven't been able to find IRL since I cleaned out my stash around 2004.

So, yeah, been shopping mostly... more possible gun adventures and a trip to a crater at the end of the week.

In other news, I did the requisite phone call to Mommy last night. (No, I did not mention the guns.) The details:
(a) After years of STILL fighting about this airport incident (seriously, we still have this fight 2-3 times a year where she's all "I just don't get why you're so upset"), she actually apologized to me about this. Amazing. I just asked her to remember that we'd gotten over this shit (and to be fair, she hasn't bailed on picking me up for anything again without good reason, such as eye dilation, since) in the future so we don't have it again.
(b) Sounds like her shrink appointment went well and a judicious amount of clue bat was applied. She'll have another next week.
(c) She went on a date with another guy. Still didn't like him.
(d) On the other hand, ex-IB called her (WHAT?!?) and they kept talking about the stupid watch (he claims to have really liked it... Mom is all, "how spoiled is your son if you gave it to him, then?" Who knows) and she still thinks she has a shot at getting it back if she keeps bugging him. I was all, "you do realize you're trying to do this to get some weird kind of revenge, right?" Yes... but still... *eye-roll* Dumbass also told her he loved her... and he's not with someone else... but he totally wanted her to go on the date with the other guy...JEEBUS CHRIST SOMEONE GET THEIR MESSAGES STRAIGHT ALREADY.
Seriously, to all my exes reading this journal? THANK YOU SO MUCH, no joke and no sarcasm, for stopping talking to my crazy ass (in one case, way eventually) after breaking up with me. Y'all did me a favor and I didn't even get it at the time. I wish this dumbass would actually like, stop talking to her already so she would get the clue bat.
Jess recommended that I get this one book on love addicts (guess who) and love avoidants (me, ex-IB apparently) and dear god, it's so going to Mom when I get home.
(e) She also said that she was pondering getting braces. (Note that Mom is over 60.) I asked why so late and she was all, "so nobody will want to make out with me." WHAT. WHAT WHAT WHAT?

Oh, and a moment of random: while looking up The Airport Argument entry today, I found this journal entry on the last time I went to LA. Hah. I don't even remember the part where I shoved a homeless man. Guess I blocked that special moment out of my memory. ... Yeah, that kind of thing is why I worry about that.

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