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Joining the Red Hat Club (Early)

2005-09-16, 11:22 p.m.

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First day of vacation. Wow.

Went to the Harvest Festival (which they've now renamed into something stupider- I can't help but think that Antonio Smith of Narbonic would be annoyed at it) and had a good time. After having raided a savings account, I could purchase some earrings, a pin, a barrette, and a hat. Mom bought me a shirt and bracelet (she was picking up gifts) and got herself a lot more stuff. Amazing I had the restraint and she didn't.

Anyway, much to our displeasure, we ran into Auntie Dolores and Uncle Bruce there. They didn't rag on Mom for not being at the hospital (good thing, or I woulda started yelling in a booth), and actually were pretty well-behaved for them. She was pretty gripey about having a broken arm, he seemed fairly gripey about having to be a caretaker (to which we couldn't help but think, hey, YOU have got it easy). But after she said she was supposed to sleep with her arm straight up in the air, we felt more sympathetic.

The funeral will be held on Monday at 2... and then after that, D&B are going to a baseball game. Then again, since the last funeral I went to, we went shopping afterwards, perhaps I cannot judge.

She had on a "Diva" (no surprise there) Red Hat shirt, and I told her about the Purple Hat shirt I've been trying to make. She was quite in favor of the idea, surprisingly.

Incidentally, Uncle Bruce has found a "Here's Your Sign" situation- when signing an order for cremation for my cousin-in-law Ron, it had a note on it saying that cremation was permanent and could not be taken back. Ya think?! Gee, I thought I could just break out some glue, or call those people who put Crichton and Aeryn back together on Farscape...

But anyway, after that we ran into them a few more times, and Mom kept avoiding them because she thought they'd yell at her for not being at the hospital already.

I did have an amusing moment, though. When I bought the hat, I bought a red one, and got asked, "Are you joining the Red Hat club?" I said later to Mom, "She'd probably lose it if she saw me in a red hat when I haven't hit the age minimum yet."

So naturally when I saw them right after I bought the hat...I had to go over and show it off.

Uncle Bruce was the one that nagged me about the age requirement. Auntie Dolores thought the hat was really cute.

Go figure!

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