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Vacation Recap: Aftermath

2018-09-16, 8:55 p.m.

I did go home on Saturday because I had a show to be in--they were having another storytelling festival in the next town over again and I got in. I did a story about going to silent disco parties and it went over really well. Also, it turned out that the husband of one of the ladies that runs this storytelling event I went to several months ago is still going to do it, and the husband wants to recruit me to be in one of their shows. Awesome! I have to work on sending him the video he requested.

However, when I went home before I left for the show, I found out that some asshole robbed my back patio. You can’t see anything from the outside because it’s all covered in bushes, but the lazy ass apartment management didn’t bother to put gates back on when they redid them last. They literally took everything but the decorations on the fence--either they didn’t want me to know what they did from the outside or they couldn’t be arsed to destroy/take down all the wire hanging that up. They stole all the patio furniture, my ceramics, my plants, dollies that I had borrowed when moving, even the damn TRASH that was out there was picked up and gone. Who the fuck takes random ceramics and plants? What is wrong with you? I could get stealing the furniture, but wtf?

What the fuck, assholes. I feel very stalked that someone figured out I was gone and could do that. Of course, my apartment management will do nothing, which does not shock me these days. I filed a police report but expect nothing there either. I checked the thrift stores to see if anything turned up, but I bet they were all thrown in the dumpster while I was gone.

I’ve been having various petty vandalisms go on on my car for the last year--antenna broken, tire stabbed, gas cap stolen, etc. and I had a package stolen while I was gone. Well, the last one could have happened to anybody. But seriously, why the hell does someone around here hate me so much? I know like, ONE couple here and they are fine with me and not assholes. Do I have a stalker or was this some one time shittiness? Or is this well, my usual enemies? I’d rather not think so because I don’t think they know where I live (I’d like to hope they don’t know what my car looks like but they probably do now after the retreat since I had to drive it there, but they didn’t know that before when all the other stuff had happened), but given that somebody was at least at one point unhinged enough to frame me to get me fired, I can’t rule that out either.

I really don’t want to live here any more. I really don’t want to be in this town any more. But again, no practical, reasonable escape plan to leave. Can’t go without a job, can’t get a job, can’t afford a major move anyway. The ouroboros of shit continues there.

I spent Sunday checking the thrift stores and replacing my furniture, which I could mostly do because enough people leave free things out on the street as is. I was rolling a table home and one lady told me I could take her chairs and plant pots. I did get a Master Lock to lock the table to the fence and attempted to booby trap the entryway a bit by piling up the plant pots and stringing 99 cent ‘cobwebs” on the non-door area. I tried to install a motion detector witch (oh, Halloween) so I’d hear if anyone went by, but that thing was set off even when nobody was there, so I gave up on that. I’m debating other booby traps but am not sure what else I can hook up in the space.

Anyway: should I ever totally disappear online, you’ll know exactly why that happened: stalking.


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