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Synchronicities Are Going Around

2019-09-16, 10:30 p.m.


I don’t have much to say about Sunday. I mostly went shopping/reading at the bookstore and/or hiking outdoors and/or sleeping and packing for vacation. But I had some slight moments while being outside:

(a) I felt this slight psychic ping to go in a certain direction I hadn’t intended to and found a cardboard box on the street with a heart on it. So that’s still happening.

(b) For the last few months, some girl has been blanketing the greenbelt with signs about her lost orange kitten. I feel sorry for the girl, but obviously I haven’t seen her dang cat. I tried the St. Anthony trick and then saw that the girl had UPDATED the posters saying that the cat is still lost. So clearly that didn’t work. I mentioned this to Sarah a few days ago and she said something like, “Oh, I got raised Catholic, that wouldn’t work, you need to try St. Francis for lost animals.” So I threw in some prayer to St. Francis to find her cat. I walked through the greenbelt today and every single lost kitten poster was gone. So I assume the cat came home somehow? I will have to remember to do that every time I see a lost pet poster from now on.


I found another quilted heart today! Half green, have gray, with a message saying “You are loved.”

On the synchronicity notes, had a few casual ones at knitting group: one person had just gotten back from San Diego and another girl and I are heading there soon. The other one was funny because we were talking about the color purple and Alison said “Purple is at the center of the Japanese color wheel” and then Joyce walked in wearing a purple shirt with a wheel-looking purple flower thing on it. Noice, as Sarah said to me earlier today when I told her about the kitten thing.

Also, guess what YouTube is finding me a bunch of videos about now?

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