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The Anvil Hangs

2020-09-16, 7:49 a.m.

During the morning meeting, I had to warn the public service team that they will have to do a lot of Important Document Mailing starting next week because the pile of them we have to mail is coming in at the end of this week. To which they were all "thanks for warning me, that was not on my radar, we may have to come in twice and see if we are allowed to bring any help into the office." They are going to have to mail probably at least 200 of the things.

The ones that our vendor mails, well, those people got emailed by the vendor yesterday. Then we get complaints and complaints from everyone who says "My friend got an email but I didn't! Whyyyyyyyyyyy?" Answer: you wanted it mailed internationally and that might take us like 3 weeks longer,, you are not getting an email.

I was already thinking that was going to be awful to only have 1-2 people mailing those WHILE juggling everything else they have to do there, but.... during this meeting, Penguin Girl was getting frantically messaged by BigBoss as to whether or not anyone had contact with a certain employee. To which the answer was something like "as far as we know, no, he just had to talk to the tech guy to get a computer." But this afternoon BigBoss sent out an email saying that the office is utterly shut down and nobody can go into the office until further notice. My boss got called into an emergency meeting at 4 and Grandboss, who is supposed to be on vacation this week, was also frantically messaging her.

So much for mailing, y'all. Hope nobody needs anything in an emergency! Which of course means they do! Gawd.

Every time there's a scare, the anvil hangs closer and closer. So far on all the COVID-19 surveys I'm signed up for, I have been able to answer that nobody I know has had it yet. (The closest I've gotten is a girl I was in storytelling classes with, but she seems fine now, so not sure if that really counts.) Inevitably it will drop. Sigh. I'm not terribly close to the person in question since we don't work together really, but he's always seemed very nice on the few times I've talked to him and I hope nothing bad happens to him.

I also asked about Lioness's daughter. (I wanted to ask "did she get the virus" straight up, but did not.) She's still sick, but needs an MRI and can't get one because of her white blood cell count.... Well, that sounds horrible and like cancer or something and I'm still concerned, but doesn't sound like The Virus. So I guess there's that.

And guess what, ANOTHER DRAMA PROBLEM came up with the Important Documents that got mailed from the printer. (At least) two of them are missing information they should have on them, but in my line of work, "two is a trend." A couple of years ago this happened too (my boss was all, "should I be bored and jaded on these problems?" and I said "yes, I think we have this happen about every other year...."), with Computer Program A not transferring everything over to Computer Program B. As we say here, two is a trend, so.... argh. And then a THIRD complaint came in with an Important Document saying things it shouldn't, even though I know we made (several) fixes in the computer system about that. I literally sent people screenshots proving that The Wrong Info was NOT listed anywhere on it. JUST FUCKING SHOOT ME NOW. So that's even more wrong ones to have to fix. Oh yeah, and another DIRE ON FIRE EMERGENCY--that's right, a fourth one--is supposed to happen tomorrow afternoon.

I'm so tired of work drama. Is there any industry that doesn't have constant shitty drama? If I didn't have stuff going on after work I'd be drinking today. Maybe later.

Then I got off my work computer and went to Story Studio open mic again (again, I am in no brain space to tell any myself but am trying to get back into the mental groove) and neither of my computers would work. Old computer refused to Zoom and I had to reboot it, new computer refused to load email, so I'm stuck using my phone for this. FFS. I just wanna drink after all my stuff tonight is done.

"I thought I'd seen everything. and then COVID hit. Here I am, practicing law in my bedroom," one guy said. Hear, hear. He told a story about having to go to court where the judge was maskless and coughing and "Unfortunately, I will probably have to go back." He said the more distant he gets from it, the better it is. "When did this happen?" "Last week." "That's the thing about COVID stories, they're all recent for us," Cyndi said. Later she was all "This is the most faces I see other than me and my husband."

Then I had satire class tonight, in which we discussed articles people submitted and the lists titles they wrote and rough drafts. I am unthrilled with the ones I came up with, but whatever. Next week's homework is to actually write a list. Truth be told, I don't think I can write satire, but I have nothing else to do with my time.

On a one good news side, I got email from someone in Tony n' Tina (Ana/Maddy) asking if we can send birthday cards for her fiance (also in Tn'T--Greg/Nunzio)'s birthday. That sounds fun. I'm debating whether or not to write the card "in character" for amusement's sake, but Loretta would probably not be doing great right now between the Colosseum being shut down for virus and god only knows what Vinnie would be doing, but I'm pretty sure she'd have him quarantining in the garage still. Also she wasn't too thrilled with Nunzio :p

I did get a kick out of Jean's response (in character as Mrs. V, his ex).... "Totally up for this... Nunzio and I go way back, and I must say that my justifiably low opinion of you is slightly raised by this lovely gesture." (I'll note that Ana started the email with "some of you may not be very thrilled to hear from me (Mrs. V)...." ) I'm trying to figure out what to write in it. Should I do it in character as Loretta? Because I assume her life is pretty depressing right now since she has an event hall business and god knows Vinnie's probably still being a dumbass.

Okay, fine, I did actually write out a card as Loretta. Not super funny, but I tried to keep it not depressing at least. I even found a manly premade birthday card on it with a deer---hahah, like the Animal Kingdom strip club his character runs. And then wrote "ANIMAL KINGDOM!!!!!" on said card and added a little penis to the deer, because what else do you send to a guy who owns a strip club?

Here's what I wrote: "Hey Nunzio- Maddy asked me to send you a b-day card and since I actually like her (she's too good for you!), okay, fine. How's life? Pretty dull here since the Colosseum had to close, though we're still doing takeout. I'm still making Vinnie QT in the garage since his little crime incident--something I'm sure you know all about! I hear the Animal Kingdom has gone drive-thru, huh? I bet that's still entertaining to your clientele. Maddy said you got animal faces on your masks, sounds real good. Sorry to hear TnT went kaboom (hah), but kids these days, shit happens. If they ever remarry (each other, or whoever....), or you finally decide to make an honest woman out of Maddy in a few years when things reopen--you know who to call for the reception, right? Happy birthday, you old coot-- Loretta Black (Vinnie can send his own damn card!)"

My AncestryDNA has been updated. Now it says I am 38% German, 36% English, 6% Italy (finally, Italy shows up!!!!) , 6% Norwegian(??), 5% Swedish (still?), 4% Scotland, 2% Wales, 2% Ireland, 1% Russian. Not sure what to make of all of that....

Mom sent me an obituary of my original driving teacher, i.e. one that I did not get a license after seeing. He was super old. It also said that he used to teach woodworking, to which I was all, "Ohhhhhh, so THAT's why he was missing some of his fingers! I thought it was from his driving students!"

I was watching Stars In The House; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Reunion 2 and Skylar Astin was reporting back from the set of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, where he says all the actors are in "Zone A" and can only talk to each other and get tested all the time and get tested, then quarantine for two weeks, then get tested again.

In satire class, we looked at articles, talked about combining things, and have to come up with a list piece. I have no ideas.

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