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Slow Day #1

2012-09-17, 1:12 p.m.

(Dear god, I'm posting this exactly four months after it happened. I am a lameass.

Then again, so is this boring entry!)

Yup, it's been a slow day. Slept in. Read the Internet off my phone (thank gawd it gets reception here, I figured it wouldn't). Did crossword puzzles. Started to read all the free newspapers I picked up around Boston/Pittsburgh/DC because I was going to need entertainment here. Knitted. Mom is happily reading huge photo albums with Aunt Babs. I'm the only one who got dressed before noon. I woke up with a sore throat and have been downing friar's balsam in water all day trying to get rid of it. It's almost gone by now (end of the day), but I must have drunk what, 12 glasses by now, and all I do is pee. Fun times. And now I keep having to blow my nose a lot. Oh goody, I got a cold around a 93-year-old.

At 4 p.m. we went out to a Hawaiian(!) restaurant called DeeJay's. They had fake palm trees outside, birds hanging on the ceiling and jungle decor, so I liked it a lot. Very tasty food too. Aunt Babs liked that I wore a flowered skirt to go with the occasion.

After dinner we went to Kroger to pick up groceries. Aunt Babs stayed in the car while we went in, but she later got out of the car, got her walker out of the trunk, and came into the store to give us her Kroger card. Then she went back to the car, put her walker away, and got back in-- no problem. I suspect she is doing better than she thinks.

Otherwise the night was about the same. Tuesday she says it's supposed to rain, so no leaving the house. Pam (her daughter, Bill's sister) arrives Wednesday to stay for a few days and Paul (Aunt Babs's grandson that I've never met, kid of my cousin/Pam's sister Linda who is too agoraphobic to visit) will be visiting on Thursday. I guess those days may not involve so much sitting.

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