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Florida- Day Five

2008-09-18, 9:30 a.m.

All day at the Magic Kingdom! NO RESERVATIONS TO WORRY ABOUT! YAY!

* Pirates ride: DLand's version is a bit better (better opening), but otherwise the same.
* Tiki Room Under New Management: old one redone with Iago and Zazu (Iago shrieking and defying the tiki gods, Zazu as the voice of reason), and a big tiki goddess in the center. Different songs are good, but way short. Winner: DLand.
* Country Bear Jamboree: we have missed this one since they took it out of DLand, so it was good to see again. A bit different, sound was a bit bad. But I missed the gang, so...
* Splash Mountain: One of my favorite rides and I haven't been on it in 12 years (it's always broken at DLand whenever I've been there lately). Yay, love it. Not freaked. Even Mom didn't freak. Was wet alllllll day long though (and it wasn't too hot to dry us off either).
* Railroad: nice tour of things.
* Haunted Mansion: different outside, except for the Black Widow room, about the same as DLand.
* Hall of Presidents: If you could create 42 audio-animatronic presidents, what would you do with them? Maybe have the more interesting ones give speeches or chat with each other? Well, Disney doesn't agree with me, because they think it is more important to show a 15-minute video of paintings recapping history, then introducing the presidents, then TWO get to speak. In this order: the current fuckwad and Abe Lincoln. I didn't have high hopes for this anyway, but what the hell were they thinking?
* Big Thunder: fun for me, wiped Mom out for the rest of the day.
* Small World: my other favorite ride I haven't been on in 12 years. The front of it isn't quite as cute as DLand's was, though they do have a pretty good replica just inside. But the same wacky fun goes on within.
* Mickey's (cross that word out) Donald's Philharmagic: Best 3D film ever. Not so much into the cheap stereotypical tricks as MuppetVision (which is shameless about it) and Honey, I Shrunk The Audience. Donald gets ahold of Mickey's sorcerer's hat to conduct the no-players orchestra, and ends up blowing himself into various movies. He gets to check out the food in "Be Our Guest," then gets distracted and chases "his" hat out of the scene and into Ariel's cool human stuff grotto.
Can I just say that "Part Of Your World" plays really cool with Donald in it? She dances with him, she tweaks his feet on those lines. She throws her thingamabobs at the audience. BIG close-up of Ariel. Donald falls in love, as do we all. But after an unfortunate liplock with an electric eel, he shoots into "I Just Can't Wait To Be King", which plays like one of those 3-D pictures. He flies around in Peter Pan and then on a carpet in Aladdin before shooting back home and Mickey fixes everything. It has an...explosive...ending anyway :)
* Toontown Fair: I'm not really into Toontown at DLand- it's cute as the dickens to look at, but if you're older than four it's dull. Toontown Fair has even less, really. Not so much a full-on tiny toon town, more of a small area that's just...not as cute. Looked around and that was all.
* Tomorrowland Transit Authority: Used to have this ride at DLand, I miss it. (It was called PeopleMover there, I keep calling this PeopleMover as well.) It takes you around the back of other rides. Nice to know I still don't want to go on Space Mountain in pitch-black dark.
* Laugh Floor: This is like the Crush talk where you go into the Monsters Inc. Comedy Club and they pick out/pick on people in the audience. You can also text them jokes. I still want to know how this is done!
* Spectro Magic parade: Main St. Electrical Parade East, with different floats and same attitude. And way too many idiots with cameras all blocking each other's shots, me included.

Incidentally, I dunno about scheduling the parade and the fireworks an hour apart. I guess it's to Disney's advantage to gridlock everyone on Main Street to force them to leave later, but man, you cannot move in between for shit. Better not have to pee or anything.

* "Wishes" fireworks show: Pretty interesting. Mostly features various wishes characters make, and Jiminy Cricket.

Anyway, I am happy to say that I got through everything I wanted to see in the last two parks. 2 out of 4 ain't bad, I guess.


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